Ferencváros TC x SK Rapid Wien 1934

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 16/08/2018 | Last Update: 13/12/2018

Húsveti Tórna 1934, a friendly competition which played austrian teams against hungarian teams. Defending the hungarian side there were Ferencváros TC and Hungária MTK. On the austrian side there were two of the best teams in Nationalliga A. SK Rapid Wien and FK Austria Wien.

The match of Ferencváros x SK Rapid Wien was the second round of the friendly competition and surely surpassed the first two matches, even the match which Ferencváros faced FK Austria Wien in a incredible battle which ended up in a 6-2 result for Ferencváros.

Ferencváros of the 30s were one of the best teams led by a constellation which had the captain Antal Lyka and the other stars which were Dr. György Sárosi, József Takács II, Géza Toldi, Gyula Lázár, Lajos Korányi & the great goalkeeper József Háda.

Rapid on the other hand was an excelent team which were led by Josef Smistik, Matthias Kaburek and Franz "Bimbo" Binder. The austrian side also had the young Josef Bican who at the end of the austrian 1933-1934 season was the top scorer of Nationalliga A with 29 goals in only 22 matches. To complete the excelent squad of Rapid they also had Franz Wagner, Rudolf Raftl & Hans Pesser.

The first goal of the match came with Takács II. In the 4th minute, Rátkai passes to Takács whho shoots and scores without any way of Raftl defending the shot of the tank.

A few minutes later, Fraz Binder with opportunism shot against Háda's goal and scored the equalised.

In the 12th minute, Dr. Sárosi receives the ball from Takács II and with a magnificent shot, Gyurka put Ferencváros ahead one more time.

After the 3 goals scored, Ferencváros started dominating the match, but in the 16th minute, Takács II leaves the pitch and Székely joins the party and in the 26th minute Fiala joins and Franz Wagner also leaves the pitch. FTC keeps attacking constantly and 4 minutes later after Wagner leaving the field the hungarian team gets a corner. Sárosi jumps and scores with a great header! 3-1 in the 30th minute!

In the 38 minute, Rapid fights to score one more time and then gets a corner. Ostermann takes the corner and Smistik keeps fighting inside the area and the ball finds Bican who makes it 3-2 half time.

In the 3rd minute of the second half Lyka shots and the ball goes right to the goal. Gyurka was disturbing Raftl and the goalkeeper couldn't save the shot of "Laky".

Rapid tried to find the goal that would keep them alive, Binder with a 10 meter lightning shot scored for the austrian team and made the score 4-3. After Binder's second goal, Rapid started attacking more but their shots weren't effective.

In the 22nd minute of the second half, Ferencváros starts a counter-attack. Sárosi keeps running with the ball and then passes it to Rátkait who passes the ball to Toldi who shoots with a great curved ball. Raftl on the other hand couldn't save that great shot from Toldi and the player of FTC scored.

Sárosi's hat-trick came 8 minutes after Toldi's goal. After a great cross, Rapid's defence weren't prepared and Sárosi with a great jump followed by a header put Ferencváros 3 goals ahead.

Rapid starts to collapse, they couldn't make good attacks anymore and 3 minutes after Sárosi's 3rd goal, Gyurka scored his 4th and puts Ferencváros with a score of 7 against Rapid Wien.

In the 35th minute of the second half, Binder with a quick attack is fouled by Polgár inside the area and A. Klein gives the penalty to Rapid. Binder takes the penalty and gets his hat-trick and Rapid's 5th. Sárosi quickly gets the ball and puts it in the middle of the pitch.

1 minute later, Kemény runs and trys to win the fight against Jestrab. The Rapid defender can't tackle Kemény and the Left Winger makes it 8:4!

Tauschek and Jestrab just couldn't win against Sárosi, Toldi & Rátkai and in the 40th minute of the second half Sárosi with a shot that went to the goalkeeper's side, got his poker goal and the final goal of Ferencváros.

Rapid just couldn't do much. They were lost with the 9 goals scored by the hungarian side. They were waiting for A. Klein to end the match, but in the 90th minute of the match Ostermann starts a good attack and passes the ball to Bimbo. Háda trys to stop the amazing shot but fails. Binder makes the final score 9:5.

For the majority, Dr. György Sárosi was the man of the match. Gyurka also finished Húsveti Tórna as the top scorer with 9 goals.

Toldi, Lyka & Binder also played an excellent match.

The squad of SK Rapid Wien didn't play well. The defense conceded a good amount of goals. Jestrab and Tauschek failed to tackle many teams, they just couldn't stop Toldi, Sárosi & Székely. Josef Bican didn't play well and Skoumal also didn't help. Rapid's best players were Binder, Kaburek & Ostermann. The rest of the team were just lost.

On the other hand. The hungarian side played well except for Polgár who fouled Binder and conceded a penalty for Rapid. Gyurka was pretty lethal and didn't fail to score the goals. He also helped the team with other plays like Lyka's goal. The "Inside Forward" Géza Toldi did an excellent match. He scored a goal and helped Sárosi, Kemény and even more Rátkai with the plays. Lyka also had a great match controlling the midfield and also scoring his goal. Székely joined the party and played well. He was constantly making plays with Toldi.