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Josef Bican's first interview in Prague
Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2019-09-04 10:20:37 | Last Update: 2021-02-25 10:18:22

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Isaque Argolo.

After some problems which Bican and SK Slavia had with WSC Admira Wien, Slavia finally brought Bican to Prague. The transfer took a lot of time to be done. Admira did not want to accept Slavia's offer and wanted to sell Bican to a French club, Racing Strasbourg, for something close to 150.000 francos. This whole process also included FIFA, but Slavia managed to bring the weltklasse footballer.
— How old are you?
Bican: I'll be twenty four years old on September twenty fifth.
— When did you go to Vienna?
Bican: At the beginning of the First World War. I was still young. Then we returned to Bohemia again, but my father got a job in Vienna. So we moved to there again.
— When did you start playing Football?
Bican: When I was seventeen years old. I played for Hertha in district X. This club was a strong amateur team which played in the first class.
— How many times did you play international matches?
Bican: Twenty three times.
— How is your relationship with Admira?
Bican: I hate talking about it. I wanted to leave Admira in peace. Now I'm in Prague and I think everything will be all right soon. I want them not to misjudge me in Vienna.
— Are you looking forward to play in Prague?
Bican: Honestly, I'm looking forward. When things were not going great in Vienna, some people of SK Slavia Praha were already contacting me. I feel at home in Prague.
— Did you lose your good form?
Bican: No. When I was not playing for Admira, I was training hard at FC Wien. I am contractually linked to Slavia, and felt it was my duty.
— When do you start training in Prague?
Bican: As soon as I organize my private affairs. I hope to wear the red-white shirt soon.
Bican was proud to say that he speaks Czech fluently. His arrival was at 20:47. He was asked to provide some details. He did it without hesitation, Bican was happy.

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