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1922: MTK loses Herbert Burgess

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-10 04:08:40

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— Unknown | 24/09/1922 —

Burgess, the English football coach of MTK, resigned yesterday and will leave for England at the end of the month. The English professional coach, a former Glasgow Rangers international, was forced to terminate his contract for financial reasons. Burgess receives a monthly salary of 10.000 koronas from MTK, which he can live on, but he has calculated that he is actually only working for £4-5 a month when professional players in England earn £7-9 a week and he is disheartened to know this.
As we learnt at MTK, the management of the champions are not trying to persuade Burgess to change his mind. There are reasons other than financial. MTK's team has been developed to its current level of play by English coaches. One of them, Hogan, is praised for the pleasing Scottish style that characterises his game, and Hogan has produced Orth, Molnár and Braun, the best of the Hungarian forwards. But the work of coach Robertson is also well known. Robertson was at the forefront of discovering young talent. He visited the suburbs and many of the youngsters who played in the grundokon are now playing for MTK, only because Robertson caught their eye.
Burgess, on the other hand, only knew how to maintain physical fitness. He was an excellent massager and that was the extent of his knowledge. MTK are therefore happy to let their current English coach go and, according to the most authoritative sources, are trying to replace him with Hogan, even at the greatest financial cost.
The MTK football management has already written to England to that effect. If Hogan does not take over the coaching of MTK, he will get another English coach, because the MTK management is determined to keep the team in the hands of an English coach.
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