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The differences between Sindelar and Sárosi explained by Hugo Meisl

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-03-01 14:33:07

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Shortly after the Hungarian defeat in Hohe Warte, 15/04/1934, Hugo Meisl was invited to write a chronicle for 'Il Calcio Ilustrato' about the two teams. Also, in that article, Meisl mentioned the differences between two of the greatest centre-forwards in the world, Sindelar and Sárosi. by Hugo Meisl
— Sárosi is a spectacular player. He is undoubtedly a hundred percent class player; the best centerhalf on the continent and one of the best centre-forwards of our time. He plays with both feet, he is a technical model, a magnificent example of a football player. The masterful game he provided during the 'Húsveti Torna' totally prevented the discovery of what could be the current deficiencies of Hungarian football. However, when the Hungarian national team was defeated in Hohe Warte, these deficiencies appeared, and therefore, Sárosi being watched and marked closely, we discovered the non-technical but tactical weakness of the Hungarian national team.
— Even without Sindelar, Austrian forwards play smarter and more efficiently than Hungarian forwards. And when he, Sindelar, is in form, he is a better builder than any Hungarian player.
— Sárosi is an artist. Sindelar is a teacher. Very rarely does the opposing defense guess Sindelar's intentions. On the other hand, those in Sárosi are easier to predict. Sárosi is not the typical conductor of the attack; he is much more of an executor than a builder. Furthermore, he is not supported by men of very high class.
That is the big difference between the magnificent Sárosi and the brilliant Sindelar.
— And it is precisely this difference that explains the gap in the three goals scored in the last Austria-Hungary match. We will pay tribute to Sárosi, but a team that wants to assert itself in the international show must have two or three players like him, skilled and independent.
— It is true that, in the World Cup, the possibilities of the Austrian team will depend a lot on the good or bad form of Sindelar, but our team is not a slave to the game of Sindelar as the Hungarian team is to Sárosi.