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AC Sparta 1922: Schaffer's transfer

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-03-03 11:47:32

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Pilát's brilliance was already well-known in the Continent, due to his performances for stará mašina. However, he was not the same player that he used to be, as the was getting older. Although that was happening, the leader of Sparta's attacks was still one of the best centre-forwards in the world, according to some lists of 1922 made by some journalists. Pilát, for sure, could still give high quality performances to AC Sparta. Nevertheless, Sparta opted to find a new substitute who could have the same quality or even better. The moment of Schaffer on Wacker Munchen, according to the press, was not the best ones, and, thus, Sparta found a chance of adding the Hungarian international to their side. In September of 1922, the news tracked a move of Schaffer from Wacker Munchen to AC Sparta. According to the supporters, the substitute was found. Alfréd Schaffer
Fußballkönig was acquired without severance from Wacker Munchen. He received about CZK 20.000, and, thus, became the second most expensive player who Sparta acquired, he was only behind Jan Dvořáček who received a total amount of CZK 50.000. Sparta managed to align two of the best forwards in the world.
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Schaffer was not the same footballer of the same caliber when he used to wear MTK's shirt; he was overweight and did not have the same technique. Therefore, Schaffer joined Antonín Hojer's school to acquire a better physique. Back in the day, Schaffer was weighing 93kg and, according to some sources, he had to lose about 25kg to stay fit.
Comparissons between players started and dabates were maden regarding Schaffers position and condition. Some though Schaffer should play alongside the tactician Pilát, due to Schaffer not having the same tactical knowledge of Pilát and the centre-forward of SK Slavia, Jan Vaník. On the other hand, some though that Schaffer should replace Pilát and command the attacks with Ferdinand Hajný and the new star Jan Dvořáček. In the end, Schaffer ended up playing as the centre-forward.