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AC Sparta 1922: Jan Dvořáček, an expensive amateur

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-03-03 19:23:10

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The negotiations with Jan Dvořáček lasted until the sub-winter season. Dvořáček was a typical figure of a club-loyal player and initially rejected more attractive offers. In the fall, AFK Union Žižkov experienced financial difficulties and the number of expenses doubled. After several unsuccessful negotiating meetings, AC Sparta's official offer was finally accepted: CZK 50,000! It was a fabulous sum and the largest ever paid by an amateur. However, the pseudo-amateur conditions of the time were already maturing for the times of open professionalism. The public and the relevant authorities had to turn a blind eye to the growing manifestations of dishonest amateurism. Although Dvořáček was acquired by Sparta for CZK 50,000 as an amateur, it seems paradoxical, but in today's expensive professional owners, Dvořáček's transfer can be considered unique.
Dvořáček played his last game on 17/09/1922, Sunday, against AC Sparta, in a 3:0 defeat. Apparently, the new Sparta star had a very relaxed game.
This Dvořáček signing was part of the impressive sequence of galactic signings. Shortly thereafter, AC Sparta, seeking a replacement for Václav Pilát, closed with the famous scorer of the great MTK, Alfréd Schaffer.