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February, 1938: Lauri talks to Jean Eskenazi

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River Plate, what a team!
Jean Eskenazi | 11/02/1938

We were therefore able to talk for a few moments with the excellent player from Sochaux whom his teammates had seen leave with regret and who will welcome him with the joy that we can imagine.

— What is the news from South America?
Lauri: Very good. One team dominates the lot: it is River Plate and you have to work this truly extraordinary team and comparable to all the best British teams.
— And the team that will come to Paris?
Lauri: It will be formidable and, in the attack, a compartment where Argentina is very rich at the moment, should make a strong impression. Only the defense leaves a little to be desired.
— And Peucelle?
Lauri: He is the irreplaceable man of the Argentina offensive.
— It's true that some French clubs... attacked him (tried to sign).
Lauri: Exactly... and they wouldn't, believe me... not a bad acquisition.
* * *
But there will be competition since Brazil has also joined the ranks. I am convinced, however, that if Peucelle leaves River Plate, it will be to come to France that he is burning with the desire to know.
And Lauri, accompanied by Conrad Ross and Anneix, left us to take the road to Sochaux.
He will play in a fortnight and Sochaux with Lauri, Ithurbide, Irreregaray, will line up an attack of South American essence which will not be trivial.
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