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Becske: Interviews regarding Húsvéti Torna 1934

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— Frigyes Becske | 04/04/1934 —

After the closing ceremony of the football tournament on Holy Week, we asked the Austrian sportsmen and women who attended the awards ceremony to comment on the lessons learned from the Hungarian-Austrian showdown. Our first question was: how do you see the current power relations between Hungarian and Austrian football?
Hugo Meisl, the world-famous captain of the Austrian Football Association, said:
Meisl: The Hungarian victory in the tournament in Husva, which I think was entirely realistic under the circumstances, confirmed that the old rivalry between the two neighbouring football nations will be resumed in the near future. The improvement of the Hungarian class is striking and we must acknowledge that the position of power in Austrian football is under serious threat from the Hungarian side. That is why we are preparing for the next Hungarian-Austrian tests of strength with twice as much energy.
» As far as the teams are concerned, I was only almost completely satisfied with the performance of Ferencváros. The Ferencváros forward line, under the brilliant leadership of Sárosi, played brilliantly on both days. The half-back line was also first class, but his direct defense somewhat diminished the overall impressive effect due to the relative weakness of the full-backs.
» The Hungarians are in a transitional period and their form looks unpredictable for the time being. I think that Titkos's move to the forward line will give the attacking play a firmer base, as we saw on Monday how the not yet fully fit Titkos has improved the forward line's ability to take action. As a winger, Titkos can also direct his teammates, just like Admira's Vogl, a rare virtue for a winger.
» Hungária's squad is talented and the Blue-White could soon be in good form. Rapid are overplayed, which was noticeable in the work of the inside trio. Still, the team fought well, even if they did not give their best this time. In the match against Ferencváros, with the score 4:3, the result could have been different if Wagner had played in place of the completely bankrupt Fiala. The Rapid right-half was a key part of the success in Hütteldorf — without him, the balance of an already impeccable defence was shaken.
» Austria played with style against Ferencváros, but lacked energy and was unlucky. The failure of his youthful reserve goalkeeper understandably depressed the team. The next day, with five reserves, Austria could certainly not be the team that beat the continent's strongest teams.
» The enthusiasm and encouragement of the crowd greatly enhanced the Hungarian teams' performance, and the referees, despite their best efforts, made some iron-fisted errors, but they did not affect the outcome of the contest. This tournament is first and foremost a triumph of the Hungarian sports press!
Dr. Schwarz, head of F.K. Austria, said:
Dr. Schwarz: F.K. Austria has not let the directors and the Hungarian audience down. We came to Budapest with a disabled and reserve team, which we could not expect to be a complete success. I am glad that our rescue conditions were appreciated by the competent Hungarian critics. Our Central European Cup team was six goals stronger than this one, but I have to admit that even at our best we would have found it very difficult to win against Ferencváros. Not only in Budapest, but even in Vienna. Sárosi is world class! Rapid put up a good fight in the tournament, but the Hungarians did much better.
» The Hungarian-Austrian match on the 15th will be a great attraction after all. I'm expecting an Austrian victory, because the Hungarian forwards will be up against a pair of top-class full-backs in Vienna. The staging was very classy.
Pepi Blum, coach of F.K. Austria:
Blum: The advance of Hungarian football is undoubted and I fear that we could be in trouble on 15 April at Hohe-Warte. Ferencváros was the best of the teams. Rapid's overall performance was better than Hungaria's. F.K. Austria? Without Billich, Kaith, Mock, Jerusalem, with Nausch out injured and Stroh down, they could at best give the crowd a test of style.
» It is difficult to win on Budapest soil, just like in Spain.
» If the Hungarians continue to perform like this abroad, they will also earn a place among the world's leading footballing nations.
Hierath, director of S.K. Rapid:
Hierath: This tournament was wonderfully prepared, with an atmosphere reminiscent of the biggest national team meetings. If we continue on the path we have just begun, we will not have to send the top Hungarian and Austrian teams on tours abroad, neck and neck. Budapest has an audience if it offers good sport, not just Vienna.
» It is primarily to the credit of the Est newspapers that there was a renewed interest in football among a wide section of the public and, most importantly, that the crowds were not disappointed in their expectations. The Hungarian sports press should be grateful to the spectators, the federation and club leaders for this tournament.
» Of course, we Austrians are leaving the Hungarian capital depressed, but as sportsmen and women we accept our defeat and acknowledge that our opponents beat us realistically.
» After Austria's string of 6-8 goal victories, it would be pusillanimous to envy the Hungarians' success. Now it is our turn to redeem ourselves. We will be very prepared for the revans.
» The Austrian recognition only adds to the value of the Hungarian success in the Húsvéti football tournament.
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