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Nádas and Fabián: Húsvéti Torna 1934

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— Unkown | 02/04/1934 —

The Húsveti Torna was also attended by the interested captains, Nádas, Fábián, Meisl. No wonder, since in two weeks' time the national teams of the two nations will clash in Vienna. Yesterday, the crowd was still celebrating Ferencváros when we asked the two Hungarian captains in the heat of the moment: what did they experience?
Ödön Nádas watched the matches with the Austrian captain, who was also sitting next to him for the statement.
Nádas: This tournament was a game, not a fight. And the Vienna match will be a fight, a hard fight.
— Something about the Hungarians...
Nádas: A lot of goals were scored, which proves that the full-backs are weak. Both for us and for the Austrians. But our goalkeepers are good! I liked Lyka and Sebes in particular. Finally, we could see some decent centering from the forwards. True, except for the Rapid-Hungária match, the wingers received a lot of balls, which then made the game extremely fast. I always tell the players: centre! Maybe things will change now.
— Which of the forwards did you like the most?
Nádas: Titkos was superb, and then Matyi Cseh's improvement was a pleasant surprise. It's a shame that Takács limped off early again.
— One has to wonder about that. What about Sárosi?!
Nádas: I don't see Sárosi as a forward...
By the way, Nádas is afraid of the Vienna matches, because they will surely prepare for the revans.
— Right, Hugo?
Meisl doesn't feel like smiling just yet. Let's go to a happier captain.
Pál Fábián is still under the influence of Sárosi's game:
Fábián: The highlight of the Easter Tournament was Sárosi's huge centre-forward play, it decided the fate of the tournament. He stood out from the field so much that, in my opinion, any team he would have been put on would have won the award out of the four. Sárosi gave the national captain a lesson with this game!
— What is the lesson to be learned?
Fábián: He has to play as centre-forward.
So Fábián has a different opinion than Nádas.
Fábián: Otherwise, one of Ferencváros's best players was Háda, who defended sensationally. The half-back line was overwhelmingly adequate, and the young Rátkai was a pleasant surprise in the forward line.
— What do you think of Hungária?
Fábián: The goal difference in today's win over Austria is a bit exaggerated and doesn't paint the picture of the game. Szabó, Egri and Dudás stood out.
The two captains did not even want to talk about the outline of the Vienna team. The derby is still to come, only after that will the selection be made. Maybe captain Nádas will have a "centre" look at Sárosi in the derby...
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