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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-24 15:11:00

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Yesterday, I was planning on writing about the match between Germany and Japan. The first half demonstrated the plot already expected by bettors, with a dominant Germany. However, the courageous Japan, technically very good, in addition to knowing how to take advantage of the poor German performance in the second half, managed to reverse the scoreboard, thus winning the match. It was an unexpected performance, indeed, not as absurd as Argentina-Saudi Arabia, but still unexpected. Germany are now in trouble by this result, therefore it can be eliminated in the next game.
Germany's next match will be against Spain, a team that has demonstrated the most dominant football of the tournament so far. Yes, Costa Rica are very weak, but I agree with Il Fenomeno Ronaldo's words about the match: "Against weak teams, you have to show that power — scoring a lot of goals".
The performance was superb, an artistic show of first-touch-passes, combinations, triangulations and among other aspects related to the old Scottish school. It wasn't that pseudo-dominance of ball possession and a high number of passes, but a dominance reflected not only on the scoreboard, but through aggressiveness against the opposing defensive system.
In that match alone, Spain scored almost the same number of goals as in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, showing exceptional efficiency. For a team that was heavily criticized for its lack of aggression and goal conversion, Spain has, so far, the best start to this edition of the World Cup. It's the team that pleased me the most for its beautiful football and efficiency in front of goal. PEDRI AND GAVI
The best aspect of this team is the midfield, without a doubt. On the right side, Gavi; Pedri on the left side. Both, however, with plenty of freedom to float around the field.
Pedri and Gavi play for FC Barcelona, ​​they have a certain chemistry and sync due to that. They, in addition, have a technical, tactical and experienced axis called Sergio Busquets.
Pedri reminds me of another player from the old Central Europe, an Austrian modeled on the teachings of Konrád II. Pedri is a highly technical player, with an elegant and artistic touch in every move, precise, incredibly punctual, tactically very advanced and confident when he has the ball. He doesn't have Gavi's Latin vigor, aggressiveness, speed. Pedri is not a physical player, he is an artist on the ball. A player worthy of the style of the Wiener Amateur S.V.
Gavi, in turn, is more reminiscent of the old Latin style, due to his aggressiveness, determination, vigor, speed, fighting on the field, etc. And this is all in line with an excellent technique and tactically very good too. That style of Gavi would be perfect for the exceptional F.C. Barcelona of the early 1920s. Alongside Alcántara and Samitier, Gavi would be an exceptional inside right.
Two exceptional talents — one aged 19 and the other aged 18 —, golden boys of F.C. Barcelona and the Spanish national team. Even at a young age, they look like veterans on the field when they have the ball.