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Column #36

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-25 20:11:44

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Sometimes readers ask if I will ever add a comment section to every article. Well, to be more direct: there is not the slightest chance of this happening — and for several reasons. First, this would ruin the design of the articles — which I like so much — even though I left it as a tab that, if clicked, would open the comments section. Second, the site's readers are very respectful, always looking to give more information to the emails sent — even with some corrections — and are always looking for knowledge, therefore helping the website to grow more and more. Generally, those who enter the site are looking for deep knowledge, knowledge that is not disseminated around, but is the purest and most accurate there is — the true story. However, there are always those people who just want to disturb, either with propositional nonsense or completely stupid questions, for example:
— How can you be so sure of that? Were you alive at that time?
Well, we better start cutting out of history books, museums, articles, etc, the events of the First World War, right? Since everyone who fought in that war or lived through the period is already dead.
Overall this community is exceptional, smart, respectful and continues to grow as I add more characters to the site. I don't advertise ARFSH around — I've done a lot, but I've realized it's better this way. I'm liking it the way it is, but I prefer to avoid certain comments from certain people who are not willing to help, but are willing to disturb.