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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-11-27 17:57:10

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I watched yesterday's match between Argentina and Mexico, I even thought that Argentina would have more personality on the field, but I was wrong — and a lot — with the football presented by albiceleste. There were many changes in the defensive system, so many that they even desynchronized the team. I would have liked to have seen Papu Gómez since Mac Allister didn't perform well. What is missing Lo Celso for Argentina, he was a fundamental part of the midfield. Lo Celso is sorely missed by Argentina, he was a key player in midfield.
Argentina, especially in the first half of the match, did not attack the opposing goal; being very far from being incisive. Their major moves didn't work; their top names were far from performing well. Argentina looked tense, psychologically shaken. The first half's performance was far below the team that was considered by many as one of the favorites before the tournament began.
Mexico, moreover, did not attack Argentina's goal either. The only "danger" shot was a free kick in which goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez defended very well.
Early in the second half, I really believed it would be a draw. However, Mexico did what Saudi Arabia did not: leave Lionel Messi unmarked in front of the area. Messi is one of the best long-distance shooters in the history of football, mainly through technique in his shot. Leaving a player of that caliber with such freedom is a tremendous absurdity. Argentina 1:0.
After Messi's goal, Argentina showed the old pressure on the opponent that it exerted during the campaign for this edition of the World Cup. That is, it showed the old Latin style of vigor, determination, fight on the field, fight for the ball. However, due to changes in the albiceleste and the terrible situation in which Mexico was, Mexico had to go out more to attack, but they were not incisive in their actions.
Shortly before the match ended, the young Enzo Fernández scored a beautiful goal to seal the match with an albiceleste victory. Enzo, so far, for the few minutes he has shown, has had a great World Cup.
As much as Messi scored, the Argentine star performed below what he can. Messi has not had a good World Cup so far, as has all of Argentina. Yes, they achieved a very important result, but the football presented is very far from being high level football. Other names like Rodrigo de Paul, Ángel Di María are also below what they can present. Lautaro Martínez, so far, is playing very poorly.
I hope that Argentine supporters are not deceived by the final result of the match, as there is still a lot to improve. The match against Poland will be interesting. According to Lionel Messi himself: Today another World Cup starts for Argentina.