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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-12-12 15:07:33

Data providers: Isaque Argolo.
I recently published two all-time XIs — Hungary and Brazil. In "Rankings" I explain better the choices made for such conclusions, being regularity in the position, level reached and among other aspects.
The main issue when I set up the XI is Alfréd Schaffer's adaptation to the inside right position; and Hungary, precisely in that same position, has two exceptional players, like Kálmán Konrád and Sándor Kocsis.
I only put Schaffer there due to the fact that Schaffer was better than both of those mentioned, in addition to the fact that he has already played — and very well — in that position a considerable number of times. Often, the inside trio of the old MTK lined up as follows:
Konrád II.
Schlosser Schaffer
Schaffer, moreover, played several times at inside right for Wiener Amateur S.V.
To conclude, even though Sándor Kocsis and Kálmán Konrád — mainly Kocsis — had much more regularity than Alfréd Schaffer as an inside right, the fact that Schaffer belongs to a higher level than both is enough to goalkönig be the top choice.