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Vasco da Gama 1931: Spaniards ecstatic with the game of Fausto dos Santos

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-03-08 12:46:55

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The playful sports press of Barcelona writes about the game of Vasco da Gama, a Brazilian guest in Spain, in a voice of ecstasy. Although the Americans lost their first 2: 1 match to FC Barcelona due to bad luck, they certainly beat the fearsome Barcelona team by 2:1 in the revenge match. At Vasco da Gama, the phenomenal game of the cover line caused a sensation. The Brazilian coverage line is composed of three phenomenal of mulatto football, of which Fausto dos Santos, who has already surpassed any performance of midfielder hitherto seen in the position, came face to face with a white turban, or better, danced throughout the match. The main Spanish sports newspaper writes about the wonderful centerhalf of the visiting Brazilian team: — Fausto was the soul of the team and the most striking figure. Fausto's class can be characterized as follows: take the best Káďa, Kalb and Bernardini, mix them and subtract the best properties from each one of the compound, add a little Scarone pepper, Orth technique and a tougher six pack all this gives Fausto dos Santos, who is the most excellent midfielder in the world. Irta: Spanish press.