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Raimundo Orsi

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Raimundo Orsi - Paganini del Calcio - was a oriundi footballer who played mostly as a left winger. Orsi was a part of the great italian team of the late 20s and the first half of the 30s. Mumo was a footballer who could align his very good athletic conditions with his high class technique. He was not tall nor physically strong, yet had great stamina. Orsi was fast, a very fast footballer and also energetic and determined.
Orsi was technically great , his dribbling was extraklassisz, often preceded with body feints; his passing was precise; his ball mastery was impressive.The body feint was not the only movement which he had to get passed the opposition, he also had an arsenal of Rastelli tricks with the ball, truly an artist. — He passes the ball from the neck to the arm, from the arm to the leg, from the leg to the neck with a really extraordinary ease and skill. Irta: Gianpiero Combi. Orsi's precision
Of all of his techniques, Orsi's quality of hitting the ball was the outstanding one. Not only his crosses were timed and also sent with preciseness, but also his shots were on point. He did not hit the ball with much power. Nevertheless, his shot technique was the main attribute of his shots.
Mumo was an excepcional penalty, free-kick and corner taker. Not only did he have precision while the ball was rolling, but also when he had an opportunity to take a dead ball. The match which can better describe this at a high level of performance is FC Juventus x Újpest FC - 29/06/1933, the match in which Orsi scored four goals - 2 free-kicks, 1 penalty & a clinical finish - and also assisted Varglien II. twice. — As a footballer he was an artist. In being that, he was fast and had an unerring instinct and was of great tactical maturity. Irta: Dr. Otto Nerz. Strands
Back in the day, most wingers were limited on centralizing the ball to the inside trio with a high or low pass. Most of them did not target the goal as the likes of Cliff Bastin and Orsi himself. Orsi was the type of winger who would read the play and make the best decision. Either the would make a diagonal run seeking the inside shot; or he would make a run to the side line and cross the ball.