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Hughie Gallacher

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Acombination of technique, tactique and a junction of temperamental problems: Gallacher. He was a footballer that intrigued the attendance, as he towered above of most of the British players. Gallacher's peak of performance was during the 20s, as an Airdrieonians footballer and Newcastle's star. Gallacher had an arsenal of tricks and ways of beating the opposition defense, also combinated with his ball retention, it was hard to the defender to get the ball from him.
Gallacher overflows in technique and tactical knowledge, but not in mental, physical and athletical conditions. Regarding his body, he was not athletic at all, as he used to drink a lot and was not much into the trainings. He was not tall or strong, his notable ball retantion was due to his determination, vigor and also knowledge of passing the ball from side to side to keep the ball. — Hughie Gallacher, greatest centre-forward ever to come over the Border, who hunched himself over the ball in a way that made it almost impossible to dispossess him unless he was to be knocked over, a bobby-dazzler dribbler with a flashing shot delicately angled to beat even the most agile goalkeeper, his only drawback a fiery temper, which far too many players took advantage of - I always thought he was more shinned against than shinning - the centre-forward of whom Herbie Roberts once told me, " Hughie is perhaps the most elusive antagonist who bluffed me into going the wrong way." His smallness and lightness of foot made him difficult to 'get at.' Always trying new tricks was the little fellow who learned his football in the streets of Bellshill with Alex James. Irta: Eddie Hapgood.
He was, yes; technically blessed. He mastered the ball, surely. Not only he was one of the most gifted of the British centre-forwards, but also had a plastical style, as he always tried new tricks and other ways to beat the strong defences. With either foot, he could send accurate shots, dribble, control perfectly and precise passes. Even though he was not tall, his aerial game, due to his technique with his head and also sense of positioning, awarded him some goals.