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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2022-12-20 20:00:25

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Recently, I read an old column about what would be an eventual match between the 1938 World Champions, Italy, and the Argentine team which thrashed Brazil in 1939. I found the topic interesting. I had only read about a brief comparison between England and that Italian team. Well, regarding Argentina, if the team were chosen in the formation below, I can't see Italy winning the match, of course, under normal conditions.
E. García Masantonio Peucelle
Moreno Sastre
Suárez Rodolfi López
Coletta Montañéz
Argentina 15/01/1939
It is also good to mention that Argentina, in 1938, for that edition of the World Cup, was still thinking about naturalizing the Paraguayan centre-forward Arsenio Erico. If Italy had faced this team with Erico, the discrepancy between the squads would be even greater than with Masantonio.