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Hungarian journalists - German line builders 6:1 (2:0)
November 1944 | Referee: Beek.

With the sound of their weapons, not far behind the front line, in their spare time, Hungarian and German soldiers fought an exciting football battle in recent days. This was reported by Sergeant János Széki at field post B/131. According to the report, the German team included no less than Sesta, the famous player from the old FK Austria, and Bican, the former formidable center forward. After a good fight, the Hungarian journalists won the match 6:1. The winning team's goals were scored by Bicskey(4) and Széki(2). According to Sergeant Széki, the best were Bicskey, Sesta and Bican.
Bicskey and Csokonay, straight from the B/131 field, sent greetings to the M.A.C. football team.