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Sven Rydell

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Sven Rydell was a Swedish footballer who was well-know for his technique and goalscoring abilities. During his days, Rydel was seen as the best Swedish footballers and one of the best players in the world. According to SvFF, Rydell scored a total amount of 49 goals in only 43 matches. — The best man in the field proved to be the phenomenally capable Rydell, who has knowledge similar to Orth or Scarone. Irta: Alexander Popovic
Rydell's football knowledge was compared to Scarone and Orth's. He had an outstanding technique combined with creative plays and quick combinations. Rydell had precise passes, a impressive ball control and could send well-targetted balls directly to the net. However, his main characteristic was his dribbling skills. He was a creative dribbler, an artist with the ball. Combining with his speed, Rydell often left defenders behind. Insider
Due to the football style that was played in Sweden, most of the teams played with the insiders being the goalscorers of the team — Filip Johansson, for example. The combinations between the inside trio and the two wingers were constantly made so the insiders would have space to finish the play. Notwithstanding, he was a very unselfish footballer who seeked the goals, even though they were not scored by him.
During the 20s, Rydell reached his peak, precisely 1924-1926. Back in his glory days, Rydell was selected by many speacialists as one of the best in the world. At the age of 28, Rydell suffered an injury which led to him giving up on football.