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József Bozsik

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-03-30 11:28:09

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Bozsik, or "Cucu", from Kispest, was a a player of extraklassiz, who dominated the aspects of the game. Already being a great name of Hungarian football in lates 40s, Bozsik achieved his first cap in 1947. Hence, he would become an even better footballer in the earlys 50s, as he become older, and, thus, a more experienced footballer. With something around 25-26 years old, Bozsik reached his peak with Budapesti Honvéd S.E.
Technically speaking; yes, with both feet, he was one of the most gifted of all-time. His ball mastery, passes, shots and dribble were outstanding. His had an unique class of style, always dribbling with precision, not really fast but with elegance. His passes - incisive or not - were delivered with superb preciseness. Bozsik's shots was a balance between power and technique, some would even compare to Puskás's precision.
Bozsik was not very athletic nor had a great physical condition. He was the type of player who relied on technique and tactical knowledge. He was not very fast, always calmly thinking about the next play. However, when he found an opportunity to one-two or make an incisive run into the space, he would make that choice. Budapesti Honvéd S.E.
As Honvéd S.E. were increasing their power by adding some of the best Hungarians from ÉDOSz - former Ferencvárosi T.C. - and Budapesti Vasas S.C., Bozsik started to reach his peak. The experience combined with already great talent turned him one of the best midfielders in the world - the best by many people. He formed a great due with Lászlo Bányai, with Bozsik being a little ahead of his comrade. Bányai was truly the defensive midfielder of the team. However, Bozsik also had defensive tasks to perform during the match.