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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-02-02 17:38:02

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I read this some time ago, and I would like to share this with the readers. This is the tale of "The Man Who Does Not Score." — 1932.
James, of course.
It will surprise you to learn that he has put the finishing touch to only 15 attacking movements since he went to the Arsenal in August, 1929.
Fifteen goals out of Arsenal's 364! An amazing total, for an inside forward, and an amazing comparison, writes Ivan Sharpe.
But of how many of them has he been the originator? Probably two-thirds. Mr. Herbert Chapman, the Arsenal secretary, was inclined to put the estimate higher a year ago.
To James, the scoring of a goal is the fulfilment of an idea. The inevitable result of the perfect move, to him it is the idea alone that matters; that is why he is a move ahead of the other men all the time
He is still without a goal this season but that merely emphasises his success. He is the Great Provider.
A prominent football director once told me that he hoped James would go right through a season goalless just to show that the actual scoring of goals is often put out of all relation to the creation of them.