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P. J. Moss: Arsenal v. Sheffield Wednesday, 02/02/1935

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— P. J. Moss | 03/02/1935 —

What a game! — a hat-trick by Alex James that sent a crowd of 60,000 into hysterics at Highbury; some fine play by both sides; the match anybody's until well on in the second half; and then a thumping victory for the Arsenal.
Arsenal backs and half-backs showed the way in the second half when they had the use of the wind. They dropped it unerringly into the Wednesday penalty area and gave their forwards chances that had not come to their opponents in the first half.
It was a personal triumph for Alex James. A goal or so in a season is his usual tally. Three in one match in a row when they were badly wanted is something new for the Arsenal captain, and something that will take a long time to explain away.
But they were all good goals, got by a change in his usual tactics as though to show the versatility of the man.
His first, when the second half was ten minutes old, followed some loose play in front of the Wednesday goal. He was about twenty yards out and flashed in a fast drive with a lot of spin on the ball. It went into Brown's hands, but had so much spin on it that it twisted ou and into the net. Big cheers. OUT OF HIS FINGERS
Following a corner the ball was rushed in the Wednesday goalmouth. Brown went down and got the ball. James, following up, kicked it out of his fingers into the net. Bigger cheers.
The third was that of a real opportunist. A curling corner kick by Beasley — a good one. James saw where the ball would drop, was off like a flash and got his head to it close to the post before it reached Brown. Biggest cheer of all the match, and the best goal.
Between the second and third goals Palethorpe had scored a great one for the Wednesday, and had twice made Moss fist over the bar with similar shots, and during the game had twice hit a bar or post. He was unlucky.
Bastin scored the Arsenal's fourth after a corner just on the end. How well Hulme and Beasley placed those kicks! Three of them brought goals.