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Statistics: MTK vs. Austrian teams 1924/25

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-02-27 16:13:01

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During the 1924/25 season, as usual, MTK played some matches against Austrian teams, both on Viennese soil and on Hungarian soil. The verdict, the conclusion, was not very pleasant for the 1923/24 champions. Clearly, by then, the top Hungarian team was no longer able to shine against the top Viennese class. This is just another aspect that has proven the gradual decline of Hungarian football compared to Austrian football. The first two matches against Wiener Amateur S.V. and First Vienna — winners and runners-up of Wiener Liga I., respectively — were in a closely contested double-event, along with the Real Sociedad tour. All teams played in a low rest sequence.
Wiener Amateur S.V. - MTK 2:0, 07/09/1924 First Vienna - MTK 6:4, 08/09/1924 MTK - 1. Simmeringer S.C. 3:1, 14/09/1924 MTK - First Vienna 1:2, 09/11/1924 MTK - Wiener Amateur S.V. 0:2, 19/04/1925 S.K. Rapid Wien - MTK 4:1, 24/05/1925