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MTK - 1924/25 Tour I.

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After the last match of the first round of Bajnokság I. against BTC, MTK started their tour aiming to face some teams from Switzerland and then head to Germany, more precisely Nuremberg, or Holland. The first opponent was the Zürich team, the Young Fellows, which, even though they were a team of a much lower level than MTK, they were still one of the top teams in Zürich and also in all of Switzerland. A large part of the notable development of Young Fellows was due to the arrival of József Winkler, former inside left of MTK Aranycsapat. For some MTK comrades, it was quite gratifying to meet the Hungarian Young Fellows star again who was playing as left inside forward.
Throughout the game we held the match in MTK's hands and the Hugarian superiority was pronounced. The team was in excellent form, but the forward line was at its best. The crowd of 5.000 gave the team a warm celebration, mainly the great György Orth.
MTK played with tranquilidad, commanded, through its advanced technique and tactical, the actions of the match against one of Switzerland's main representatives. There was no question of negative criticism with the Hungarian team. It was a match, in fact, exemplary.
MTK traveled straight to Lipcse and Dresden to face Guts-Muts and Fortune.
The two matches were played in just two days. As much as the match against Guts-Muts, played in Lipcse, had a result below, MTK had no problems against the German team. In this match, the champion team once again did an outstanding job. All parts of the team worked together to great effect and held the fate of the match firmly in their hands from start to finish. Consequently, the following day, the result of the match against Fortuna had a score consistent with the superiority and sovereignty of MTK on German soil. After those two matches, MTK traveled to Elberfeld to play a game against Sport und Spielverein. The match was not difficult for the Hungarian champions. If he won that match,
During this period something interesting happened wit help the Hungarian-Czech peace treat. MTK would play another match, on 04/01/1925, against S.K. Slavia. This match would help the cause of Hungarian-Czech football peace by a significant step forward.
However, the match against S.K. Slavia was postponed to 28/06/1925.
The match against 1.F.C. Nürnberg was one of the most anticipated shows, both by Hungarians and Germans. The 1.F.C. Nürnberg, due to the exceptional development of its football in recent years, was regarded as one of the best teams on the continent. The Germans, moreover, were the current champion of the German Empire, with outstanding players such as Heinrich Stuhlfauth, Hans Kalb and Heinrich Träg, for example.
1.F.C. Nürnberg earlier that same season had beaten another great team, A.C. Sparta, therefore proving to be a team capable — or so it was believed — of making it difficult, at least, for MTK.
The match, however, ended up taking a completely different course than imagined, due to the technical and tactical superiority of the MTK team. Already in the first half, through Jeny and Molnár, the Hungarian team opened 2:0 on the scoreboard, with a certain and surprising tranquility. In the second half of the match, Opata and, once again, Jeny resolved with the match. With something close to fifteen minutes to go, Träg, the great inside left scorer, scored two goals for the home team.
An unusual fact happened in the match, as Dr. Fodor wrote:
Dr. Henrik Fodor: Throughout the first half, the audience was constantly criticising the referee, which is unusual for us. His every comment was greeted with a loud roar, and the Nuremberg players complained constantly, and for this ill-mannered behaviour, the excellent referee Bauwens did not take the field in the second half. Therefore, Nuremberg's Seehlmacher was asked to take charge of this half, and he agreed to do the hard work.
The tour would have been completed if MTK had faced S.K. Slavia on 04/01/1925, in an occasion that would help to promote a peace agreement between Hungarian and Czech football. However, that match, which would still be played in Elberfeld, was rescheduled again for 21/06/1925, Sunday. The reports
Friendly match: 21/12/1924, Sunday. Young Fellows — MTK 0:5 (0:3) Place: Zürich, Switzerland — Referee: Hirrle (Switzerland) Attendance: about 5.000. Young Fellows Coach: ? XI: Ulrich — Kehrli, Haag — Wintsch, Dangel, Znamenacek — Ruetti, Meyer, Leiber, Winkler, Schaufelberger. MTK Coach: Béla Takács. XI: Kropacsek — Mandl, Senkey I. — Nádler, Kléber, Nyul II. — Senkey II., Molnár, Orth, Opata, Jeny. Goals: Jeny(2, 14min; 18min), Orth(44min), Molnár(75min), Opata(89min). Friendly match: 25/12/1924, Thursday. Guts-Muts — MTK 0:1 (0:0) Place: Dresden, Germany — Referee: ? Attendance: about 7.000. Guts-Muts Coach: ? XI: ? MTK Coach: Béla Takács. XI: Kropacsek — Mandl, Senkey I. — Nádler, Kléber, Nyul II. — Senkey II., Molnár, Orth, Opata, Jeny. Goals: Orth(40min[20m shot]). Friendly match: 26/12/1924, Friday. Fortuna — MTK 1:5 (0:4) Place: Lipcse, Germany — Referee: Fuchs Attendance: about 10.000. Fortuna Coach: ? XI: Martin — Feustel, Zeising II. — Hoffmann, Strehl, Vutke — Weissenkorn, Kolditz, Haferkorn, Hermsdorf, Zeising I. MTK Coach: Béla Takács. XI: Kropacsek — Mandl, Senkey I. — Nádler, Kléber, Nyul II. — Senkey II., Molnár, Orth, Varga, Jeny. Goals: Hermsdorf(85min) — Molnár(2, 5min; 45min), Orth(2, 30min[30m shot]; 75min[25m shot]), Varga(15min).
The German crowd was in awe of MTK's terrifyingly fast combinations. The first goal was scored by Molnár, the second by Varga, who was playing for the first time in this match, and I might add: very well. Orth scored the third goal for his team a few minutes later, while the fourth was again scored by Molnár.
In the second half, the team did not push for a big win in the second half, but played comfortably and Orth scored the fifth goal. Germany's only goal came from an error by the Hungarian defence.
The match was watched by over 10.000 spectators, who were enthralled by MTK's excellent performance, and they gave the home team full credit for their excellent play and applauded their actions. Friendly match: 28/12/1924, Sunday. Elberfelder Sport und Spielverein — MTK 0:4 (0:1) Place: Elberfeld, Germany — Referee: Mangers (Düsseldorf) Attendance: about 4.000. Elberfelder Sport und Spielverein Coach: ? XI: Betzold — Hastrick, Erlenbruck — Eckenschwiller, Hammerbacher, Tischler — Henkeller, Sohl, Schmitz, Heier, Altwood. MTK Coach: Béla Takács. XI: Remete — Kocsis, Senkey I. — Nádler, Kléber, Nyul II. — Senkey II., Molnár, Orth, Varga, Jeny. Goals: Orth(35min), Senkey II.(54min), Jeny(60min), Senkey I.(72min[penalty]). Friendly match: 01/01/1925, Thursday. Turn und Sportbund Essen — MTK 2:1 (0:0) Place: Essen, Germany — Referee: Mach (Erfurt) Attendance: about 6.000. Turn und Sportbund Essen Coach: ? XI: ? MTK Coach: Béla Takács. XI: Kropacsek — Mandl, Senkey I. — Nádler, Kléber, Nyul II. — Senkey II., Molnár, Orth, Opata, Jeny. Goals: ? — Orth(86min) Friendly match: 11/01/1925, Sunday. 1.F.C. Nürnberg — MTK 2:4 (0:2) Place: Nürnberg, Germany — Referee: Dr. Peco Bauwens (Köln) Attendance: about 12.000. 1.F.C. Nürnberg Coach: ? XI: Stuhlfauth — Popp, Winter — Köpplinger, Kalb, Schmidt — Strobel, Hochgesang, Wieder, Träg, Sutor. MTK Coach: Dr. Henrik Fodor. XI: Remete — Kovács(Mandl), Senkey I. — Nádler, Kléber, Nyul II. — Senkey II., Molnár, Orth, Opata, Jeny. Goals: Jeny(2, 8min; 58min), Molnár(21min), Opata(51min) — Träg(2, 75min; 88min).