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Dr. Otto Nerz and European football's top nations and players
Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2020-02-08 20:33:12 | Last Update: 2020-02-08 20:33:12

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Isaque Argolo

In July of 1935, the Swedish journalist Arne Wild had an interesting interview with the coach of the German National Team, Dr. Otto Nerz.
— In what order do you place European countries in football? — started Arne Wild.
— Leaving England and Scotland aside, ie: 1. Italy, 2. Austria, 3. Czechoslovakia, 4. Spain. The strength of these four countries is balanced, and it is a matter of opinion to mark their order according to their immediate condition.
— And where did put leave Germany? What about France?
— I leave the classification of Germany to good Swedish experts. Naturally, it is possible that the high standard of German football over the last two years may also fall for a while. France plays good football 'and comes immediately after the named countries.
After the first questions, Arne Wild started asking some precise and detailed questions which required some interesting answers from Dr. Nerz. The curious things were what Nerz thought about Italian football and Czech football.

Wild asked: — And which country plays the most beautiful football?
— Undoubtedly Czechs. Despite their defeat in Dresden, the Czechs did not leave their style for a moment, and impressed with their elegant short passes which reflected the Scottish school. After the Czechs, Spain masters the technique.
— And how would you build the strongest European team?
— That is hard to say. To see all the good teams and players in Europe requires so much knowledge and is dependent on so many coincidences that one person can hardly solve this task.
However, the Swedish reporter was adamant. He pressed paper and pencil into Dr. Nerz's hand, so he could see no other way than to write the following names: Plánička — Quincoces, Sesta — Vodička, Sárosi, Pizziolo — Guaita, Meazza, Lángara, Nejedlý, Puč.
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