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Fritz Gschweidl

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Friedrich Gschweidl, or Fritz Gschweidl, was known as a professor for many footballers, including Josef Bican. In his prime, Gschweidl was considered as one of the best forwards in the world, the best by many. With his main characteristic being the schemer of his teams, he towered above all on Continent, and, thus, achieved the label of the best strategist.
Fritz Gschweidl was another example of Scheiberlspiel, another Kálmán Konrád — his master, as Gschweidl mentioned many times. Gschweidl was an artistic, classy and elegant footballer. His touch was sublime combined with style. He was blessed technically, mastered the ball; controlling it with precision. His passes were accurate, fast and incisive. Although Gschweidl did not go up-front that much compared to his comrades, his shot technique was to be respected so was his heading abilities.
Physically speaking — yes, Der Lange Fritz was strong, tall, athletician and also a hard-worker. His ball retention was due to his great technique combined with his physique. Gschweidl, indeed, know to to protect it from the opponent. He, however, relied more on his technique than his whole physique.
Tactically a genius, Gschweidl succeed while playing in the inside trio, but moving more to the right. When Gschweidl was selected as the left insider, he would move himself more to the middle of the forward line. While playing as the centre-forward, Gschweidl would patternaly move more behind the line directioned to the right of the field. — If Gschweidl leads the ball against me, I know what he can do, where he can drop it off, who he will turn into his action. Because Gschweidl is one of the smartest footballers in the world, he doesn’t do idiotic actions. You shouldn’t even be prepared for Gschweidl doing wrong because it’s impossible. Irta: Gyula Mándi.
Gschweidl's administrative & creative plays were known throughtout the whole Europe. His unselfish plays, hard-working skills and extensive repertory made him a sublime schemer.
Vogl I. Sindelar Zischek
Schall Gschweidl
Vogl I. Sindelar Zischek
Schall Gschweidl
ötcsatár-játék & W-Formation
The schemer of the attack was Gschweidl, according to Matthias Sindelar himself and the whole critics. Gschweidl would never been seen near the goal, but generally a position some meters behind the other four forwards, acting as a distributing agent, a role he filled with distinction. He used to initiate several outflanking movements that worried the opponents. His hard-working performances and geniuses, mainly after Sindelar's action were an important key to the enhancemente of the Wunderteam.
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