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Statistics: A.C. Sparta vs. Austrian teams 1921/22

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-03-01 00:39:00

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This research is related to the 1921/22 Austrian season.
As much as A.C. Sparta was no longer that well-acclaimed team, so talked about with power above and sovereignty on the continent and, in a way, relative to the British Isles, the Czech team was still highly commented by several authorities as one of the main or even the main team in Central Europe and the entire continent. According to Willy Meisl himself, however, the team was no longer at its peak. The AC Sparta, nevertheless, as much as Austrian football was growing compared to Hungarian football, managed to maintain its sovereignty on Austrian soil.
In comparison with the main teams in Central Europe, only Austrian values can be mentioned, as Hungary only diplomatically resolved itself with Czechoslovakia in 1925. Therefore, since the end of World War I. until 1925 there were no matches between Hungarian and Czech teams.
#Results A.C. Sparta - S.K. Rapid 4:1, 18/09/1921 A.C. Sparta - S.C. Rudolfshügel 4:0, 25/09/1921 Wiener Association F.C. - A.C. Sparta 0:5, 15/10/1921 Hakoah - A.C. Sparta 2:3, 16/10/1921 A.C. Sparta - S.K. Slovan 2:1, 02/04/1922 A.C. Sparta - Hakoah 5:0, 16/05/1922 S.K. Rapid - A.C. Sparta 2:2, 29/06/1922 #Details Wins: 6 Draws: 1 Losses: 0 A.C. Sparta's main goal-scorer: Josef Sedláček, 5 goals scored.
The direct confrontations point to the clear superiority against Austria of the considered main team of Czechoslovakia. During that season, the skillful right winger Josef Sedláček, who also played in other offensive positions against the Austrian teams, was the main goal-scorer of the matches.