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Statistics: S.K. Slavia vs. Hungarian teams 1924/25

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-03-06 14:43:20

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This research is related to the 1924/25 Hungarian season.
Only in 1925 were played the first matches between teams from Hungary and Czechoslovakia after the First World War. Before, the much-recognized Czech power only played high-caliber matches against another Central European force, Austria. The S.K. Slavia, which was considered the second best team in Czechoslovakia, played a few matches, on Hungarian soil and on Czech soil, against some of the top teams in Hungary; applying humiliating defeats against Ferencváros and winning against the Hungarian champions of the last seasons, MTK.
Although S.K. Slavia were winners of the Asociační liga 1925, they were still considered as a second force in Czechoslovakia, only behind A.C. Sparta.
#Results S.K. Slavia - Szegedi AK 5:0, 28/02/1925 S.K. Slavia - Ferencváros 6:0, 25/03/1925 Ferencváros - S.K. Slavia 1:0, 29/03/1925 S.K. Slavia - S.C Vasas 3:2, 18/04/1925 S.K. Slavia - MTK 2:1, 21/06/1925 #Details Wins: 4 Draws: 0 Losses: 1
As much as the teams from Czechoslovakia no longer had so much sovereignty in Europe, even so, both S.K. Slavia as the A.C. Sparta could beat the main powers of Hungary. However, there was more dispute with Austria which was shaping a strong school on the continent.