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Howorka, 1927: Slavia protests against referee

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-03-08 14:40:25

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— Ottó Howorka | 29/09/1927, Vienna —

Rapid insists on Bíró — Only on Saturday will it be decided who will be in charge of the Rapid-Slavia match in Vienna — The Central European Cup committee will decide whether Konrád is eligible to play in the match against Sparta.

Wednesday's Rapid-Slavia is undecided, it made such big waves in Prague that Sunday's rematch in Vienna promises new complications. Although when the matches were scheduled, the two clubs unanimously agreed that both matches would be refereed by Sándor Biró, I am now informed that Slavia telegraphed a warning against Biró's refereeing in Vienna.
Of course, Rapid sticks to the original joint agreement and insists on the person of Biró.
I spoke with Schönecker, the director of Rapid, who said the following:
— Biró led this difficult match superbly and we have no reason to abandon his person, since Slavia specifically accepted him as a referee for both matches.
» He was absolutely right about what happened at the end of the match. After all, you can't judge a penalty just for the hands seen by the audience, especially if the game is tied 2:2.
» Of course, this question will be settled once and for all when Slavia arrives in Vienna on Saturday.
The other controversial case is the inclusion of Konrád II. in the semi-final of the Inter-European Cup in Prague, where Hungaria will be up against Sparta. Konrád had already signed a contract with Hungária on 20 August and the Austrian association only released him to the MLSZ on 9 September. According to Hungária, it is the date of signing that counts (i.e. 30 days before he can play in the Central European Cup), while Sparta's view is that 30 days count from the date of release. Meisl has now circulated a questionnaire to the members of the Cup committee and only after receiving their reply will the question be decided whether Konrád could play or not. If Hungária loses, the whole problem will only be of theoretical importance.