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Statistics: Steve Bloomer vs. Scotland

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In the early days of the Association, in prestigious British football, the main event of the season was the British Home Championship — International Championship —, where players would defend their nation's colors in high-level clashes against other British National Teams. Among these clashes, the most anticipated and acclaimed were the disputes between England and Scotland, the two nations with the greatest players, the main titans of antiquity. Winning games, performing with excellence in these matches brought fame to the players. One of those players was the inside right Steve Bloomer.
Bloomer was a player mainly known for his shooting skills and for being very decisive. It was widely commented at the time that the more difficult the match, the more decisive Bloomer became.
The numbers of the exceptional goal-scorer in the main match of the National Teams of the time:
TOTAL: Goals: 8 Matches: 11 G/M Ratio: 0.72 HOME & AWAY: Home matches: 4 goals & 7 matches. Away matches: 4 goals & 4 matches. MATCHES: British Home Championship: England 3:0 Scotland, 06/04/1895 British Home Championship: England 1:2 Scotland, 03/04/1897 British Home Championship: Scotland 1:3 England, 02/04/1898 British Home Championship: England 2:1 Scotland, 08/04/1899 British Home Championship: Scotland 4:1 England, 07/04/1900 British Home Championship: England 2:2 Scotland, 30/03/1901 British Home Championship: Scotland 1:1 England, 05/04/1902 British Home Championship: England 2:2 Scotland, 03/05/1902 British Home Championship: Scotland 0:1 England, 09/04/1904 British Home Championship: England 1:0 Scotland, 01/04/1905 British Home Championship: England 1:1 Scotland, 06/04/1907