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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-03-17 13:14:28

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Rarely has there been such an outstanding figure on the field in the Association in terms of his style, his specific football. Haaland is one of those players, a figure very different from others on the pitch. He is a tall, proportionately built, very athletic player with a look that would strike fear into the most prepared defender. His way of running is completely unique and inherent, too. When fired at high speed, Haaland looks like a locomotive that is consuming space.
His technique is solely focused on finishing, whether with the left foot; whether with the right foot; whether with his head. Haaland is not a dribbler like Meazza; Haaland is not a passer like Orth. The Norwegian lacks other major aspects of the technique that was inherent in earlier centre-forwards. He is also a player built for the acrobatic game, as he can finish off at any time in the aerial game. He's lethal.
Throughout the Association's history, few possessed this impressive goal-scoring ability. Haaland has the precision of a Bican, a speed that — each one in their own era, of course — equals that of Petrone and a tactical read, a positional awareness and supernatural opportunism of the inside right József Takács II. Incredibly, moreover, he still had the acrobatics of Erico or a more modern centre-forward like Ibrahimović.
Haaland can play any offensive system, attack momentary command. He is a very dangerous player in the air; too dangerous while receiving a through-ball; very dangerous when he has freedom to shoot from outside the area and among other variants of offensive actions.
Everything in Haaland is made to add numbers to the scoreboard, even though his goals don't have the aesthetics, difficulty or even the extraordinariness of a Gallacher, for example.