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Adolfo Pedernera

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-05-13 18:58:16

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Pedernera started as a left winger, but his tactical sense, accurate passing and decision making were enough to be the axes of the forward line. At least, that was what Carlos Peucelle thought. Before achieving spotlight as the centre-forward of his teams, Pedernera already had played in all positions of the forward line. According to Pedernera himself, he prefered to be selected as the left winger of the team, yet achieved brilliance in every position he played.
Style combined with talent, serenity and the certain of the next movement, Pedernera dictated the rythm and the space of the field. As Pedernera discussed, studied, increasing his knowledge in tactics, his actions also increased its sharpness. However, not only tactically speaking but also his timing, punctual and power applied to his mathematical passing.
He belongs to Antonio Sastre's school: the player technically gifted with high versatility. Pedernera could play in every forward position, in the midfield and, impressively, in the defensive line. His ability with both feet made him almost as impressive as in the left side of the field. Pedernera did not like to head the ball, his style was a ground game. Pedernera was a played directed to the collective game, as he did not want him to score most of the goals but to divide them with his comrades.
While playing as centre-forward, Pedernera excelled. He, moreover, was a crafty and imaginative one, the main creator of the goals. Pedernera would rather drop deep to receive the balls in the midfield, then start to create the plays with the ball or without the ball.
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