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Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-03-28 00:23:51

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I thought about unlocking the article "MTK - Bolton Wanderers, 10/05/1925", but thought better of it, therefore coming to the conclusion that I will keep it private. Consequently, only the key will be sold or packaged for possible future subscription. However, I would like to give my thoughts on the match, in a detailed way and explaining various aspects of English football, Hungarian football, levels and of course Gyuri Orth.
The English arrived on Hungarian soil being very well treated, with several perks and several compliments to the famous British legacy. Furthermore, arrogance was inherent in the leaders and in some of the main figures of Bolton Wanderers, even, of course, none of them having even a true and concrete notion of the power of Hungarian football, or what was to come. Even before the match began, there was a certainty on the part of the English that they would win with an almost stoic tranquility.
After the match, things turned out to be completely different from what both sides expected. For the Hungarians, the English disappointed with their football, even showing attributes — physical, for example — as superior. However, yes, according to the Hungarians themselves, English football had dropped in level compared to the teams that had visited Budapest in previous years.
I believe that MTK could have won the match, if Gyula Mándi had not been injured and Orth was still the centre-forward of the Hungarian team, even, of course, with Bolton Wanderers being at complete rest — which did not happen. I believe that if an eventual match were played on English soil, Bolton Wanderers would come out as the winning team – and that contradicts the 4:1 result achieved a few days after the match against MTK. Both teams in full condition, playing a match on Hungarian soil and another on English soil, with neutral refereeing, I believe that Bolton Wanderers would win on aggregate. The 1924/25 MTK were no longer that great team of wartime, although they had a player that cannot be fully described in words. Still, British soil, mainly Scottish, was Europe's main soil, even though Central Europe had narrowed the difference in forces. A PLAYER WHO COULD NOT BE DESCRIBED BY MERE WORDS
That Orth was the main figure of the match there is no doubt. The Hungarian stole — and once again — completely the show's attention. Both by Bolton Wanderers managers and key players, Orth was regarded as a unique, completely different and top-tier player who could play on English football. Yes, even though all of MTK was, in my view, a level below Bolton Wanderers' team, Orth was levels above any other English player.
Richard Pym: I am surprised by the play of Orth, Mandl and Rebró. Orth is outstanding, first English class. Charles Foweraker: The match ended according to the balance of power. However, we must take into account that this is our third strong match in a week. And we were up against our strongest opponent. MTK are very good. Orth is the first English class. Rebró and Mandl are very strong defenders. Remete is a lucky goalkeeper, but Molnár is a great player. I hope we can rest and show the real, good Bolton game. -------------------------------------------------- HUNGARIAN XI vs. BOLTON WANDERERS, 17/05/1925: Richard Pym: I've never had anything like Orth's goal. Charles Foweraker: Orth, who is a top-class Englishman, deserves a whole chapter. J. R. Smith: Orth is top notch.
Jimmy Hogan has always been right about Orth. Not a single British player, whether contemporary of his day, predecessor or successor, could be compared to Orth's football, even though Orth played in a team regarded as beneath British football in the 1920s.