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Intercepting with the voice: Kolenatý, the master of tricks

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-05-31 14:24:27

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On 10/04/1925, Sunday, Sparta faced Slavia in the semi-final of Středočeský Pohár, in yet another fierce match between the two powers of former Czechoslovakia.
In one of the moments of the match, the artistic centre-forward of S. K. Slavia, Josef Čapek, received a ball in excellent condition of axis. Kolenatý, somewhat distant from the play, used a trick aimed at the unusual. At that time, Kolenatý imitated the voice of Kratochvíl, Slavia's winger, almost identically, thus asking Čapek to release the ball. The same did not notice, however, when he released the ball, it was Kolenatý who had received the pass. The interception had been carried out. The trick ended up getting a good laugh out of the stands.