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Josef Bican's debut in the first division

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The second round of 1931/32 Wiener I. was about to begin and S. K. Rapid had to make some changes. They did not succeed against First Vienna, of Friedrich Gschweidl, while playing Matthias Kaburek as centre-forward. The team opted to play the young Josef Bican - yet barely known footballer - as the leader of the attacks. Bican, however, was not tested in a high level match, and, moreover, had to make his debut against a strong Austrian club: F. K. Austria Wien. They were no weak team as Die Violetten had extraklassiz footballers such as Matthias Sindelar, Walter Nausch, Karl Gall, Johann Mock, for instance.
The choice of Bican was uncommon, therefore causing the fans some surprise. The young Bican, who was very weak - physically speaking -, ratified his brilliance as the match went through. Bican scored four out five goals scored by S. K. Rapid. — With excellent tactical sense, incredible technical maturity and last but not least shooting power with this skinny boy and four goals he stamped his game throughout the match — Ottó Howorka.
Bican's technique was pure, perfectly reflected acrobatic moves and validated his arsenal. His game was calm, cold, as he seemed — like a mature international — to be playing alongside his teammates for a long time. He was sure of his actions and his sense of positioning, for instance, for a 17-years-old was outstanding. His game was intelligent and opened space for his comrades, also had an extraordinary shooting power. Although the critics were in Bican's side, according to some columnists, the young talent had to achieve a better physique, yet he was already athletic as his speed and agility ratified the extraklassiz peak.
From the bleachers, there was Hugo Meisl who was quite enthusiastic about the young man's play: "what kinda of talent is that?". At that time, Meisl knew that Austrian football had found a joy who would shine for the next years.
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