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Howorka, 1927: Some questions for Bensemann

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-04-10 12:08:07

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Ottó Howorka | 14/11/1927, Vienna —

Yesterday's Cup final and its associated conference attracted attention for the unofficial participation of Walther Bensemann, the famous German sports journalist and editor of the Nuremberg Kicker, which was described by sports politicians as a significant event in the long-running "German question". In response to my questions on current affairs, Bensemann said the following:
— The cup final did not move on a very high level. It was a rough game. Rapid started the rough stuff, but the Czechs understood better. I should note that I have never seen such a huge demonstration as the one at the Hohe Warte.
— I regret that the Hungarians did not participate in the celebration through their representatives. I hope that the differences can be reconciled, because just as the Hungarians cannot do without strong international ties, so the Central European Cup competition needs Hungarians.
— As far as Germany is concerned, I believe that we can expect the German federation to soon begin to engage in sporting contacts with nations that it has neglected so much in the recent past. It intends to join the European Cup in the near future, and there are even negotiations under way to include the winner of the German championship in the Central European Cup. These negotiations are being initiated by the South Germans, and it was on their behalf that I came to Vienna, unofficially.
— I would like to emphasise that since the last general assembly the weight of the "kiel" group, the pro-boycott pro-boycott Blaschke's in the federation has been very much reduced and a more friendly atmosphere towards the "professional nations" is developing.
The boycott is expected to be broken, first of all by the South Germans, who want to play the Austrians as soon as possible, and then the Hungarians and then the Czech top teams.