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Pilát: from battlefields to field battles

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-06-03 14:45:49

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From battles of W.W.I., the young apprentice of Jirchář was saved by the referee Štěpánovský; when Czech football needed him the most. His physical condition was mitigated, however his knowledge was enhanced. His sharp passes broke through defensive lines. In just a fraction of a second, the insider had been launched, and the defenders were only desperately firing in the opposite direction. It was the insider against the goalkeeper, and nothing else could be done.
He was unsystematic, as his knowledge was above any geometrical formation, thus reflecting his sovereignty above all other tacticians. A true intellectual, strategist of the highest degree that Czech football had ever created. Throughout the offensive Y, he, there, was under the command of actions. From Pilát's passes, Janda filled his opponents' nets, almost in synchronization identical to that of G. O. Smith & Steve Bloomer. From his passes, the iron was forged in Letná, where A. C. Sparta dominated the continental ambit.
He was not fast or strong, no, far from it, however his elegant technique of acute ability was enough to remove the marker with a touch or a disconcerting dribble. The axis of his attack, the main offensive power of A. C. Sparta reflected in a player, the one who owns a school, where the success of stara mašina was.