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Gabriel Hanot: Olympic Games 1928 XI

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Gabriel Hanot | 30/06/1928 —

Our ideal Olympic team, including in its back lines:
Mazali (Uruguay); Nasazzi (Uruguay), Arispe (Uruguay; Janni (Italy), Monti (Argentina), Pitto (Italy), and as wingers Carricaberry (Argentina) and Orsi (Argentina), only requires the center triplet to the forward line be completed.
Inside lefts abound. The best are: Cea (Uruguay), Cherro (Argentina), Martins (Portugal), Mahmoud (Egypt). We are spoiled for choice here. Cea deserves to be elected, first because he was the most brilliant, then because he held on to the end, unlike his rivals.
As a right insider, the Argentinian Tarasconi did wonders and scored goals in series, during easy matches. In more even games, his football has proven to be rough. The Uruguayan Scarone is a much better player; but age has robbed him of his former edge, and in hard-fought matches he has been somewhat timid.
The Italian Baloncieri has done a good job in the team he commands. However, he is over thirty and, like Brouzes, he is to be classified in the class of attentive and useful players rather than transcendent footballers.
The German Hofmann (Merane) gave the impression of reaching the Olympic level; unfortunately, he indulged in such outbursts that he must be left to his disqualification. The Chilean Subiabre, whom we saw the day before yesterday as a right insider in Saint-Ouen in front of the Red Star, would perhaps, with greater experience of international matches, be the player sought.
In the absence of a man who imposes himself, Scarone would keep the position for which he was indisputable in 1924.
And the centre-forward? We haven't seen a single great centre-forward in Amsterdam. Uruguayan Borjas is still inexperienced; Petrone, his compatriot, is beyond any condition; Ferreira the Argentinian is fine, but also fragile and unable to lead the line of attack in front of a robust team; the Belgian Raymond Braine only has flashes of genius from time to time; the German Pöttinger, besides the fact that his knee is not yet in good condition, has also deviated from the line of conduct which commands the respect of the adveisaire; the Swiss Dietrich, who usually plays in Frankfurt, seemed weighed down and stiff.
Basically, this Olympic tournament was played without centre-forwards.
But if it was absolutely necessary to appoint one?
Ferreira (Argentina), without warranty.