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Gignoux, 1928: Was Uruguay the same of 1924?

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-05-03 18:54:10

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— André Gignoux | 17/06/1928 —

Who has not noticed that some French newspaper correspondents in Amsterdam did not appreciate the famous Uruguay team at its true value and found it less strong than in 1924.
The Montevideo footballers then surprised us with their quick and embellished play, their control of the ball, their feints, their flexibility and also their efficiency.
Since then, we have seen them again in Paris, we were still amazed; but less "impressed".
This year in Amsterdam we expected to find an even brighter game, as it was believed that in four years the Uruguayans had made further progress.
Have they been silent? The question is difficult to judge, but the least we can say is that they are still the Uruguayans of 1924.
Their defense, which was considered weak, is now absolutely remarkable and has established itself as the best in the tournament. There is only one goalkeeper that can beat Mazali, it's Zamora.
Nasazzi and Arispe have made enormous progress, Fernández has made Zibecchi forgotten, Gestido has made the star of Andrade who is no longer himself fade away.
The famous line of attack is a slower one, but it has more experience.
Petrone recovers from illness; also, in the matches he played, he did not show his usual brilliance, but ask the Germans if he no longer knows how to shoot.
Scarone has made very great games, with Urdinarán or Arremón, they make the right wing shine with the same shine as before. Cea, Cámpolo and Castro remain; all three players are vastly superior to their oldies or what they were, Cea in particular.
Now let's talk about consistency. The Uruguay team is the same as in 1924 on this point, they also seemed more robust.
The heart is the same.
If we consider that the Uruguay team had to face in such a short time the most dangerous teams of the tournament, Holland, Italy and Germany and that Argentina was reserved for the choosy, we can judge of its great class. Uruguay is still the great team we know; they well deserve their title of world champion.