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Dr. Sárosi & Sindelar: the last clash

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-06-22 19:00:17

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A month after Hitler's troops invaded Austria, a friendly between Vienna and Budapest was held in Praterstadion in front of nearly 30,000 spectators. In yet another battle between Sindelar and Sárosi, the Hungarian team was victorious through a 3:5 result. Moreover, of several already fought, that had been the last battle between Sindelar and Sárosi.
In one of his books, György Szepesi wrote about the match:
— In early 1938, Sindelar played for the last time in a Vienna-Budapest match, the Hungarians won 5:3, and all five goals were scored by György Sárosi. The wonderful Austrian forward enthusiastically praised the goals scored by his Hungarian friend and said goodbye: "You've scored five now, next time I won't do less than half a dozen..." The promise could no longer be kept. Sindelar — as if he knew what was to come — was directed to a different destination.
Shortly after Sindelar's death, Sárosi wrote:
— I'm still surprised and something really hurts to hear that Sindelar, the dear old friend, the beloved 'Sindi' of all of us, left us here so suddenly and like this. It hurts when one of our loved ones is taken away.
I also thought of him as a dear friend and an ideal football player on the field. We spent many lovely hours and days here in Budapest and Vienna. Poor Sindelar! Must have been a big reason for leaving us here the way he did. I can say with a true and pure heart that there are hardly any Viennese athletes who have grown as much beside us and often above us as Sindelar. I say goodbye to him, I think on behalf of many Hungarian sportsmen: "Sindi, we will never forget you!"