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Eskenazi, 1933: Mitropa Cup starts

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Jean Eskenazi | 22/06/1933 —

Juventus of Turin start as favorites in the Central European Cup which starts tonight

It is known that the participants of the Central European Cup, which begins this evening in Prague, belong to the following nations: Italy, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hungary, four nations which certainly occupy the first four ranks in the hierarchy of continental football. Thus the winner can, with good reason, consider himself the best in Europe, except for the clubs of the British Isles, of course. THE EIGHT ACTORS.
Eight clubs participate in the Central European Cup. To qualify, the means are different depending on the country.
Thus, in Italy, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, it is the first two in the championship who are mandated, while in Austria the two representatives of the Federation governed by Hugo Meisl are the winner of the championship and the winner of the Cup.
This measure is certainly detrimental to Austrian football and Rapid, a tough and athletic team, in the English style, which recently beat Glasgow Rangers, were more qualified to go far in the Cup than Austria, which has the famous internationals Sindelar, Nausch, Mock, Gall, but who doesn't have the fighting spirit of the team of Smistik, Binder, Weselik and Luef. FAVORITE JUVENTUS.
Three teams stand out: Juventus, First Vienna and Slavia.
Juventus are big favorites and we are ready to share this opinion, because the First Vienna does not seem to us to have the physical resistance sufficient to triumph over the athletic, transalpine. Now remains Slavia, very athletic too and the others, because let's not forget that after all the Central European Cup is only a cup and that, in such competitions, all surprises are allowed.