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MTK - S.K. Rapid, 22/10/1922

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MTK—RAPID, 5:1 (2:1)

Another show by the Hungarian star György Orth — S.K. Rapid's formation completely mitigated — Josef Uridil makes his return after a long break.

During a round of Wien Liga I., the popular S.K. Rapid traveled to Budapest for a meeting with the then champions of Nemzeti Bajnokság I., MTK, the Hungarian side of the famous footballer György Orth. On the date scheduled for the clash, MTK would also not play a league match. The match would be, once again, historic. After all, the two teams had very well established roots as two of the great continental teams. The teams, however, were not performing befittingly to their fame, due to some players not being completely fit and some important absences.
At that time, Hütteldorf's green and white team had started the season with great results. However, they were not performing against strong opponents, such as S.K. Slavia, A.C. Sparta and Wiener Amateur S.V. — which they ended up losing 7:3 against Die Violetten. While traveling for the meeting, S.K. Rapid, moreover, was without some of its main players. Josef Uridil, for instance, was in the rhythm of the game. The half-back line of the Vienna team was also completely reserve. Leopold Nitsch, in turn, ended up not traveling to Budapest due to his arduous work routine. MTK, on the other hand, would have the return of György Molnár and Zoltán Opata for its forward line. Both forwards had not played in the match on 15/10/1922, in Megyeri-út, against Újpest. The team's main star, Gyuri Orth, was still returning and regaining his exceptional old form.
Referee Mihály Iváncsics, from Törekvés, was appointed to command the match.
International match: 22/10/1922, Sunday 14:30. MTK — S.K. Rapid 5:1 (2:1) Place: Hungária-út, Budapest. Referee: Mihály Iváncsics (Törekvés) Attendance: about 15.000. MTK: Fábián — Mandl, Kovács — Kertész II., Nádler, Vágó — Braun, Molnár, Orth, Siklóssi, Opata. Coach: Géza Takács I. S.K. Rapid: Pauler — Stejskal, Popovic — Regnard, Machek, Schlosser — Wondrak, Witka, Kuthan, Uridil, Wesely. Coach: Dionys Schönecker. Goals: Orth(3, 6min; 50min; 76min), Siklóssy(37min) and Molnár(87min) — Uridil(25min).
The match started with powerful vigor from the MTK team. Orth, through individual action, shot from more than 15 meters and scored the first goal of the match. Uridil, almost twenty minutes later, scored the equalizer for the visitors. Before the break, Siklóssi helped the Hungarians take the lead. After the break, the Hungarian forward line enhanced its power, due to Orth's magnificent play. S.K. Rapid rarely caused any danger to the Hungarian defensive system. Five minutes after the restart, Orth scored his second goal. In the 76th minute, the football genius conquered his third goal from a long shot. A few minutes before the end, Orth broke through and assisted Molnár.
With such a precarious defensive system and a forward line that was not completely shaped for the match, the Vinenses didn't have the slightest chance against the Hungarian team, especially in the second half of the match. match. After the first 45 minutes, MTK's superiority was becoming more and more apparent, while Rapid, collapsing, falling back completely. MTK BUDAPEST
MTK played brilliantly and even though S.K. Rapid had a full team, the Hungarian team, playing such presented football, of course, would have won the match anyway.
MTK's defensive system, especially goalkeeper Fábián and the full-back duo was not tested often. The half-back line of the Hungarian team was very effective with the advances of the Viennese vanguard, in addition to constantly supporting the offensive line.
What really brought shine to this match was the spectacular performance of MTK's forward line, especially due to the top form of the incomparable Gyuri Orth.
Regarding the performance of the young Hungarian and his forward line, a columnist wrote:
— The real sensation of the MTK-Rapid match was not MTK's unexpected high goal ratio (5:1) victory, but the phenomenal play of centre-forward Orth, who was playing again. Because what Orth did on Sunday brought him close to art — in any case, it was football perfection itself. His passing, his start, his escapes, his shots, his lightning-quick adaptation and exploitation of situations, his self-conscious control of the attack, his masculine and yet delightfully elegant movements, his unyielding willpower, presented to the public the football that, starting from England, conquered the whole world. And besides that, he also took care of his companions; he unselfishly allowed balls that he could have played himself. He captivated his teammates as well, giving the impression that the MTK front line, famous all over Europe, is experiencing a renaissance.
» The audience, which migrated to Hungária-út to see an exciting and intriguing match, received a beautiful and perfect offensive game in many details.
» MTK's victory was not in doubt for a minute. The MTK forward line — Braun, Molnár, Orth, Siklóssy, Opata — attacked with a style and verve reminiscent of their best days, and were almost constantly in Rapid's area, although MTK's halves and defence were very weak, Orth was alert, however, and used a thousand tricks to fool the Rapid defence, drawing so much attention from the Viennese players that MTK's fast wingers, Braun, and especially the agile Opata, were free to work.
» What Orth's game was like, it is typical that one of the opponent's players, Kuthan, the centre-forward of Rapid and the Austrian national team, stopped him in the heat of the game and shook his hand and congratulated him.
Orth was truly at the top of his football knowledge — and when a player of his caliber displays unparalleled football ability, it is impossible to stop him. Orth commanded the offensive line with the legitimate mastery of a refined player, scoring goals and distributing memorable moments for the public. Everything was perfect: tricks, leadership and the most diverse offensive actions. Orth scored three goals, yes. His enlightened football, however, did not reflect the ball in the net, but the most refined art produced by the epitome of knowledge of a true artist — and this was, without a single doubt, one of his greatest paintings. S.K. RAPID WIEN
There were not many hopes from S.K. Rapid, as the team was very lacking, especially due to the absence of Bauer and Brandstatter. Uridil, in turn, as mentioned previously, had not played for a long time. As the minutes passed, S.K. Rapid collapsed and MTK pushed Hütteldorf's team into their own field. The defensive system didn't hold up and ended up giving up many opportunities to MTK, especially in the second half.
The defensive system was, in fact, precarious, but Alexander Popovic, who had transferred in the 1922/23 season to S.K. Rapid was the main name among the three half-backs and the full-back duo. It was commented by Dionys Schönecker, Mr. Rapid, that goalkeeper Pauler could have saved two Hungarian goals.
The half-back line performed too poorly.
The forward line also received too little support from the halves. Even though he hadn't had any consistency in a match for a long time, Josef Uridil performed well, but it was clear that the inside forward still wasn't converting shots well. Richard Kuthan, with the few chances he had, tried to supply Uridil.