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Scheinost: F.C. Barcelona - A.C. Sparta, 06/01/1926

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Ferdinand Scheinost | 07/01/1926 —

A wonderful game by Sparta in all respects. — In the first half, Sparta secured a four-goal lead against Barcelona's 1 with a tremendous onslaught. — Referee Lloveras excellent. — Sparta won the silver cup.

After the draw we achieved on January 1st against Barcelona, the interest in today's match was even greater. The following teams played against each other:
AC. Sparta: Hochmann — Hojer, Perner — Kolenatý, Carvan, Červený — Novák, Šima, Dvořáček, Hajný, Jelínek.
Barcelona: Bruguera — Planas, Walter — Torralba, Sancho, Carulla — Vinyals, Borrell, Musterós, Alcántara, Sagi.
From the kick-off, Barcelona sets a fast pace and sits in front of our goal. Sparta suddenly breaks out of the siege and a few attacks are enough for the team to regain their composure. In the 12th minute, a sudden attack by Barcelona, Musteró receives the ball and with a sharp blow he gets 1 goal for Barcelona to the cheers of the crowd.
Before the joy of the household does not last long. Our attack, led tactically by Dvořáček, works confidently. Success does not take long to come. In the 17 minute, after a nice combination, Šima runs through the defense and equalizes with a sharp blow. The score is 1-1.
Both teams add and try to take the lead. In the 34th minute, Sparta will succeed, and Perner will score the 2nd goal.
Ours are fascinated by this success and it doesn't even take 4 minutes and it is once again Šima with an extraordinary shooting ability who adjusts the score to 3-1 for Sparta.
Barcelona tries in vain to improve the score. Their vanguard makes frantic attacks, but our defense, led by Perner, can nip any attempt at success in the bud. In the 41st minute, Dvořáček comes on. With his impeccable dribbling he passes through the defense and with a shot to the bar he closes the score of the half. 4-1.
Barcelona's fate is sealed! After the break, ours is the better team again and they prove what they promised during the break: to prepare Barcelona for the biggest debacle they have ever experienced!
In the 54th minute, Dvořáček sneakily shoots, Brugera catches it in vain and the ball sits in the Barcelona net.
Then comes Barcelona again. In 71st minute, the Barcelona attack makes a crazy move, from which Mustero scores the 2nd goal for Barcelona. Five minutes later, Jelínek was the lucky scorer of Sparta's 6th goal.
Now ours are in complete dominance and are playing exhibition football, which is applauded by the home crowd as well. In the 86th minute, Síma closes the score with the seventh goal and that's it, the match ends with a total score of 7-2 for Sparta. TEAM PERFORMANCE
Both attacks performed best in the match. Among the individuals, Jelínek and Perner deserve praise above all, and Carulla, Sagi and Alcántara from the Spaniards. Sparta played with great enthusiasm, whereas Barcelona was greatly depressed by the successes of Sparta. Dvořáček was the ideal leader of the attack and found a lot of understanding with both insiders. In terms of shooting, our attack was excellently disposed.
Barcelona donated a silver cup for the match, which will be the most beautiful reminder of the greatest victory we won in Barcelona.
This time we must also speak highly of referee Lloveras. He was completely impartial.