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Statistics: Jan Vaník - Asociační liga 1925

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2023-09-28 23:17:09

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Attack leader of S.K. Slavia in Asociační liga 1925, the exceptional Jan Vaník finished the tournament scoring thirteen goals in eight matches played. The only match that center-forward Červenobílí did not play was against their main rival, A.C. Sparta. The centre-forward of S.K. Slavia scored a hat-trick twice. The two match in which Vaník did not score were against S.K. Viktoria Žižkov and S.K. Meteor VIII. Jan Vaník was the championship's top scorer. TOTAL: 13 goals | 8 matches | 1.65. VICTIMS(6): SK Libeň(3), AFK Vršovice(3), ČAFC Vinohrady(2), Deutscher FC(2), SK Čechie Karlín(2), Nuselský SK(1). GOALS IN ORDER: Vaník (3, 57min; 67min; 86min). Vaník (72min). Vaník (2, 24min; 35min). Vaník (2, 2min; 17min). Vaník (2, 23min; 35min). Vaník did not score. Vaník did not score. Vaník did not play. Vaník (3, 43min; 55min; 80min)