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Copa de la Confraternidad Argentina-Brasileña 1939

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The Copa de la Confraternidad Argentina-Brasileña — Confraternity Cup — was a cluster of matches, played between 13/08/1939 and 15/08/1939, of selected teams organized by the Asociación del Futbol Argentino — AFA — and Confederação Brasileira de Desportos — CBD. All matches were played on Argentine soil, precisely in Buenos Aires.
After several political and football clashes between Brazil and Argentina, certain differences were noted between AFA and CBD. In addition to problems involving transfers, there were frequent and fierce clashes between the national teams. CBD sent two combinations from Rio: Vasco-Flamengo 'A' and Vasco-Flamengo 'B'. AFA, on the other hand, molded the following selected teams: River Plate-Independiente, Estudiantes-Gimnasia and Newell's-Rosario. The Vasco-Flamengo 'A' team also had Waldemar de Brito, who had been loaned by San Lorenzo, for the second match, on 15/08/1939.
The president of AFA, Mr. Adrián César Escobar, had the idea of awarding the trophy to the winners of the matches between Vasco-Flamengo 'A' and River Plate-Independiente.
The two matches were true meetings of aces, with exceptional players such as José Manuel Moreno, Domingos da Guia, Arsenio Erico, Leônidas da Silva, etc. However, they were not balanced encounters. After all, the home team's performance was far superior, winning both matches by 3:1, with the AFA team not demonstrating its true potential and, at times, neglecting its efficiency and ambition to score more goals. This feat, moreover, only confirmed the broad dominance of football played on Argentine soil.