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József Képessy's comments on Dr. Otto Nerz's research
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On 09/1941, the former coach of Germany national team and a football researcher, Dr. Otto Nerz, published, on Kicker, an interesting article which pointed the best European players in each position and the World's best players. József Képessy, a Hungarian journalist, tried to make his own research and also tried to refute the teams which Dr. Otto Nerz chose.
German Best XI by Dr. Otto Nerz.
Dr. Otto Nerz also chose a German team - Dr. Nerz also added the Austrians to the team due to Anschluss - which is this one: Jakob - Janes, Blum - Kupfer, Goldbrunner, Nausch - Lehner, Gschweidl, Sindelar, Szepan, Vogl I.
He also selected two reserve teams: II: Pekarna - Rainer, Sesta - Braun, Smistik, Kitzinger - Zischek, Hahnemann, Conen, Hofmann, Kobierski. III: Stuhlfauth - Haringer, Münzenberg - Kurz, Kalb, Niestch - Wegele, Harder, Jäger, Studnicka, Wesely.
Hungarian Best XI by József Képessy.
Then, József Képessy selected their best Hungarian XI: Plattkó - Rumbold, Fogl II - Borsányi, Dr. Sárosi, Lázár - Braun, Konrád, Orth, Schlosser, Hirzer.
József Képessy also selected a reserve team: Zsak - Mándi, Biró - Kértesz, Bukovi, Dudás - Sas, Takács II, Schaffer, Eisenhoffer, Kohut. "We have to say that the Hungarians would fight a great match against the best Germans, at least with equal chances of victory" - József Képessy.
European Best XI by Dr. Otto Nerz.
While Dr. Nerz was building the German Best XI, he also chose the European Best XI: Zamora - Tarp, Fogl II - Kupfer, Monti, Nausch - Sas, Meazza, Sindelar, Szepan, Orsi. "There is no doubt that this team represents a huge class, but instead of Tarp, Kupfer, Monti, Sas, Meazza, Sindelar and Szepan, we would put a better players in the best team in our continent" - József Képessy.
European Best XI by József Képessy. - Our reasons: Dr. Nerz unjustifiably regards Tarp as his best right-back, but Károly Fogl was better than him. On the left, Josef Blum, called the "Weltmeister" by the Viennese, is considered the best. In the cover line, Kolenatý from the world-famous Czech trio Kolenatý - Káďa - Cerveny will be favored, while the central half-back will be replaced by the young Dr. Sárosi. The positions of Zamora and Nausch are not in dispute. Even though we are Hungarians, we consider Biavati better than Sas. Orsi is in agreement. We can't miss the most brilliant player of all time, Gschweidl, and the two versatile players, György Orth & Samitier. - József Képessy.
Said that, Képes selected their best European XI, two other teams and some great names that did not join the teams: Zamora - Fogl II, Blum - Kolenatý, Dr. Sárosi, Nausch - Biavati, Gschweidl, Orth, Samitier, Orsi.
Claiming that Dr. Nerz selected a team with three creators(Meazza, Sindelar, Szepan), Képessy chose two conectors, Gschweidl and Samitier, and a player that could score from a long range very often, Orth.
Képessy also says that Dr. Nerz was a fan of WM formation, but mentions that Sindelar, even in his early days, would not fit in his system. Sindelar was a creator, and not a player that would wait to score. Képessy also mentions that Piola would be a bettr option in WM. II: Plánička - Foni, Rava - Kupfer, Káďa, Cerveny - Braun, Konrád, Sindelar, Abbegglen II, Wesely. III: Olivieri - Minelli, Sesta - Lázár, Monti, Locatelli - Sas, Meazza, Piola, Szepan, Puč.
Plattkó, Zsák, Jakob and Hiden as reserve goalkeepers. Rosetta, Ramseyer, Tarp, Caligaris, Rainer and De Vecchi as reserve defenders. Mock, Borsányi, Kurz and Pitto as reserve right half-backs. Bukovi, Andreolo, Sárosi III, Middelboe and Smistik as reserve centre half-backs. Dudás, Lechner, Kitzinger and Nietsch as reserve left half-backs. Aston, Lehner and Ryha as reserve right wingers. Hahnemann, Uridil and Takács II as reserve inside rights. Alcantara, Braine, Schaffer, Binder, Bican. Silný, Kozeluch and Kuthan as reserve centre-forwards. Hofmann, Ferrari, Nielsen, Schlosser and Bodola as reserve inside lefts. Colaussi, Wieser, Kobiersky as reserve left wingers. - György Orth was the most versatile player in the world. He started his career as a left-back defender in the Vasas youth team. Later he played center and left cover, was a long-distance striker, and for years was a center striker in the big MTK. - József Képessy.
World's best XI
For the World's best XI, both Dr. Otto Nerz and József Képessy agreed on Nasazzi and Andrade, but József Képessy still added Héctor Scarone to his team. Zamora - Tarp, Nasazzi - Andrade, Monti, Nausch - Sas, Meazza, Sindelar, Szepan, Orsi. Zamora - Nasazzi, Blum - Andrade, Dr. Sárosi, Nausch - Biavati, Scarone, Orth, Samitier, Orsi. - Although we love English football, we believe that this team, at its best, would have beaten London's strongest XI. - József Képessy.