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Scarone, Petrone and Cea

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-07-18 20:25:34

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A whole study could be made out of the capacity of these three weltklass footballers. All of them, most of their matches, at least, played in the inside block of the forward line with such high quality. Their style — combinative, agressive, incisve — were the key to the brilliant campaigns of Uruguay and La Gira Europea de 1925. La revolución, from maestro to artillero.
Before the great performances of Isabelino Gradín as centre-forward, José Piendibene reigned commanding the whole forward line in abanico. However, the whole revolution appeared when Pedro Petrone exceelled in Primera División 1923, and, thus, this caused the young Petrone to completed the whole Uruguayan XI in Campeonato Sudamericano 1923. Petrone debuted there and his actions with Héctor Scarone & Pedro Cea combined excepcionally. José Pedro Cea also debuted against Paraguay in Campeonato Sudamericano, due to his impressive season with Lito F.C. He made a great pair with the veteran Héctor Scarone.
P. Cea Scarone
First, there was the veteran Scarone, whose actions reflected the brilliantism of the game. Scarone was the complete footballer, not only the complete insider. Scarone was a magician, an artistic footballer with high quality of technique, his repertory was outstanding and incisive, too. Petrone was the speedster centre-forward, he could run 100 meters in 11 seconds and send powerful shots with both feet. Petrone had impressive impulse and tactical knowledge to when he had to infiltrate the defensive system. Perucho always believed in every single play, as he paid attention to every moment until the ball was, in fact, lost. Scarone & Cea
Both insiders had defensive & offensive actions. Pedro Cea, the tireless & timely insider, & Scarone the cunning forward, pressured the opposition to obtain the ball back. While they had the ball, both would scheme the actions of the offensive actions. Great dribblers, passers & with brilliant vision, they would combine with other players. Both insiders had three main plays: 1. the direct ball seeking Petrone burst of speed or his powerful shot; 2. they would join the wingers to create a 2-1 situation. Then, the wingers would centralize the ball; 3. the insiders would combine with Petrone to beat the defenders and acquire a better condition of shooting.
Many times Petrone, while he was behind both insiders, he would receive the ball and start connecting. When he passed the ball to Cea, for instance, he would immediately run towards the goal to receive the ball back. From all three plays, this one occurred the most.
Their combinations were simple, yet efficient. They relied on the speed of their actions combined with their technique to beat the opposition defense. Their style had a charactheristic of shooting whenever the player had the space, yet they would rather come close to the gate than shooting from distance. All of them, however, had no troubles in shooting from outside the area. Aerial game.
Long balls were not the admirable ones, due to the whole Uruguay National Team playing a much more ground game, which had a characteristic of the old Scottish style. The inside trio, however, precisely Scarone & Petrone, had great impulse and head technique to win the duels. When the wingers centralized the ball or a direct pass from the defensive system was made, the would win almost every dispute with the opponent.