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March 1939: Nicolas Mouneu interviews Héctor Scarone

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While Nicolas Mouneu was in Montevideo, Uruguay, watching a tennis tournament, he met the old Héctor Scarone. Scarone, who was also watching the tournament, did not escape from Nicolas' questions regarding some interesting topics which surrounds the star, the VIII. Olympiad, France & South American football in general. First, Nicolas asked:
— Are you still interested in sport?
Scarone: Oh! tennis very little, but football still fascinates me. No longer playing myself I make others play. Scarone & Duhart
Scarone: I "unearthed", I say it without modesty, a few aces. One among others, that the French know well: Pedro Duhart. He was hardly famous when I discovered him in the interior of the country, in San Carlos. Ask him for how much I am in his transformation.
— And tell me, Scarone, what has become of all those of the great team, that of Paris in 1924 and Amsterdam in 1928?
Scarone: They are all retired, far from football, except our centre-forward, the famous Petrone, who trains the Bologna team, in Italy, and our left insider, Cea, who trains the Racing de Montevideo. The others are now good and brave bourgeois. Our lead captain, Nasazzi, who was right-back, most of them work at the Casino Municipal, centerhalf Vidal, goalkeeper Mazali, left-half Ghierra; Arispe, left-back, is a customs officer; Romano, the left winger, is employed by the Electricity Company; Urdinarán, right winger, is employed at the Gas Company. Only one was really unlucky, the one the Parisians nicknamed la merveille noire, our half-right, Andrade. Today he is nothing more than a garbage, an unhappy man, a tramp like so many others. And There you go!
— And that great team, the great team?
Scarone: The great team, the great team, let's not exaggerate — Scarone grumbles. — A good team, that's all. Several of them were already old, old to be international, when they were in Europe. The golden era.
Scarone: It was from 1912 to 1920 that Uruguay was really formidable with geniuses of football — the word is not too strong — like the black Gradin. No English team could stand up to us. Then the quality of our football declined.
— And now?
Scarone: Don't tell me! Uruguay defeated by Peru! By Peru, we have seen it all!
— To what do you attribute this forfeiture of Uruguay?
Scarone: First, we play at night: it's a mistake. Then too much football. In Europe, you know months of rest. Here not. There is always football. Add that the big clubs have contracted around seventy players, to form an eleven. If these boys want to play elsewhere, we don't give them the pase, the transfer. They languish, they can not leave. All that should be changed.
— So who do you think are the best team in South America?
Scarone: Argentina, come on!
Scarone: Have you seen the Argentina-Brazil matches that raised so many heated discussions? Yes. Argentina is superior, by far. The technique of their players is complete: wide passes, quick, head play, admirable ball control. All of their players are great players. On dry ground, I doubt the best England team can beat them.
— Did any of them particularly call your attention?
Scarone: Peucelle, right winger, and Moreno, inside left, are of exceptional class.
— And Brazil?
Scarone: Their game has "fallen", as in Uruguay. I do not see any new values emerging, except, perhaps, the defender Florindo, of Vasco de Gama. This is a bad time to go.
— Did you see the French in Montevideo in 1930?
Scarone: They had played admirably, more with their hearts than with their profession. We know how to admire courage, in Uruguay, and they were somewhat the triumphs of the tournament, in particular Thépot. Besides, you still have good goalkeepers in France. It does not seem to me that the rest have, moreover, progressed much. Ah! if they let me train a French team! With their eagerness to listen, their goodwill, I'm sure I will do something good with the players I am entrusted with.
Gentlemen, club leaders, you have been warned.