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Zinédine Zidane

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-07-23 07:10:20

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Zinédine Zidane, Zizou, was acknowledged as being in the highest rank of footballers between the second half of 1990s and the first half of 2000s. Zidane was known for his extreme elegance, outstanding technique and high perception of the field.
Zidane was a very confident, brilliant player with incisive decisions and calmness during his actions with the ball. Although he was not a prolific goal-scorer, a high amount of his goals were scored in key moments, when his teams needed him the most. Zidane had the ability of a match-winner, a very mental footballer.
He was tall, very strong physically, had impressive balance and stamina to move all over the pitch. Although he was never a speedster, he always knew when to accelerate the plays. He knew how to dictate his team's momentums. With one, two or three combinations, Zidane would create a chance of scoring a goal. His physical conditions alongside his technique made him a very difficult player to tackle. According to many who played against him, it was a hard task to get the ball off him.
If one could describe Zidane, they would point out his classy, elegant & applied movements. He had a style of his own, he was unique — seemed that he was dancing while playing football. They way he played was not common. Almost seens that he was toying with every other opponent. His technique was superb, with both feet and head, Zidane mastered the ball and made it obey him. His control is rated as one of the best of all-time. Whenever he received the ball in a tough situation with almost no space, he would kill the ball in an unexpected way, always impressing the crowds. Alongside his extraklassizs ball control was his dribbling, passing and shooting — all of the most unique class. His game was fulfilled with unexpected & imaginative actions, a true genius.
Control and passing: two of the most important characteristcs of a footballer — and Zidane mastered them. He was adept of the short passing game. Zidane, however, knew when to launch the ball to the other side of the field. His passing was fast, precise and timed. He was the maestro, the schemer of his teams.
Although Zidane almost never came to conclude the play — sending a shot —, as he would rather create for his comrades, he possessed a high technical quality of shooting with both feet. His shots had power combined with preciness. Rather with the ball on the ground or not, Zidane's accuracy was impressive.
His dribbling was superb, as Zidane possessed an arsenal of movements and ways of beating the opponent: side-stepping, step-overs, reverse step-overs, rouletts, body feint and many other movements. Furthermore, when maintaining possession and being pressioned, Zidane had clever protection of the ball, as he could shield it very well and spin.
Starting the match as being centralized in the midfield, Zidane could be seen all over the pitch, yet mostly at the left side of the field. His tactical awareness is terrific, as if he knew the perception of the next play. He was very well positioned to receive the ball and send the correct action. Always scanning the whole space around him, Zidane had the vision and security with the ball. His decisions were smart and incisive at the same time. As he moved all over the pitch, Zidane was hard to keep tracking.