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John Goodall

Author: Isaque Argolo | Creation Date: 2021-07-26 04:53:37

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John Goodall, one of the first superstars which England had, the outstanding forward of Derby County and mainly Preston North End. At the peak of his knowledge, John Goodall was considered the best British centre-forward. Even in XIs made several decades later, Goodall was still considered by many to be the best centre-forward in the British Isles. For England, he played 14 matches and scored 12 goals.
Not only he was an excepcional — technically & tactically speaking - footballer but also as a captain. He was fitted to advise and guide others. Indeed, he was inspirational to the whole team. His leadership towards his comrades were one of the strongest points of his teams. Goodall was a calm player and always aimed to maintain good conduct on the field. Therefore, he was always acclaimed wherever he went, a glentleman indeed.
He did not rely on his speed, but more more with his capacity with the ball. He was roaming, yet a leader who could bring the best of each player. Often he walked over the pitch, as if he was not interested, but was scheming the next play. One of his characteristics was the perception of the opposite defense. When he saw something wrong regarding the opponent's defense, he kept tracking this failure and advised his teammates about it. Then, the team would start working towards this.
Goodall's style was reflected in a well-schemed and momentum game. His actions were sent with scientific precision towards his comrades. He was the intelectual leader of the forward line, mainly the inside trio. The style was the fusion of dribbling and, precisely the passing game — mostly short passing. His ball mastery combined with his game sense made him a great shielder of the ball, as he could protect it very well. Goodall maintened possession and sent the very well-timed and precise through-ball directly to the charging forward.
His dribbling were applied elegantly, with quick feet and cleverly. Goodall, however, had the precision and clairvoyance in each of his individual actions. His dribbling was clever, often compared to the great dribbler W. N. Cobbold.
Goodall was the brain of every combination he played in. He alone seemed to know the exact moment to dribble, the exact moment to pass, the exact moment to shoot. He possessed the powers of drawing the defence on to himself only to make a clear opening for a comrade. Gibson & Pickford.
John Goodall could either play in the inside trio or as a winger, mostly as outside right. However, he succeed as right inside forward and mainly as centre-forward. Nevertheless, while playing alongside G. O. Smith and Steve Bloomer, John Goodall would be playing as the left insider. With the scientifical game of G. O. Smith and the incisive Bloomer, they made one of the best front lines which England ever were graced of seeing.
Sanidlands G. O. Smith Bassett
Goodall Bloomer
His tactical knowledge remined of G. O. Smith's. Goodall knew where and when to drag the opponent to create space. Occasionally he would glue to a defender or half-back to make the opponent chase whenever Goodall dropped deep. Many of Steve Bloomer's goals were scored like that.
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